Thursday, 14 June 2012


Ok, so Cordoba is the second biggest city on Argentina so we figured it would have been nion impossible to hitch without first going to a near by town. So we grabbed a bus to nearby Rio Secundo and tried to hitch from there. It´s a fairly boring story, so I won´t bore you with too much detail, but there are two road that go from Cordoba to Rosario, one is a major dual carriageway, the other goes to all the little towns along the way. And as we´d gone to a nearby town there was hardly any traffic going through Rio Secundo as it was all on the dual carriage way! So after 2 hours of standing around waiting for a lift we gave up and flagged down a couch to the next town! From advice of the bus driver we walked up the main road to a near by petrol garage a set about asking people for a lift. After half an hour of waiting eventually someone pulled over and offered us a lift.... it was the bus driver that had taken us there! He was off duty and picked us up in his car and took us down the road to where all the trucks stop to get fuel. From there Kate explained how to ask for a lift in spanish and i went up and managed to get us a lift all the way to Rosario from a helpfull truck driver in his late thirties. Really nice guy. It took us a few places and a bit of bartering to get a reasonably prices place and evenually we secured a sweet private room for really cheap and had a quite night in.

The next morning we got chatting to an English group and went off to explore the sites of Rosario. First on my list was to find the restuarant that Lional Messy´s dad owned. That took a long as time to find but was worth it in the end. Now, if I´m being totally honest we didn´t actually meet papa messy but i didn take a photo next to the resturaunt with the chef and when I put it on face book I may have implied that in fact that was actually Lional Messy´s dad ;-). Next on the list was to head to the war memorial to the fallen soldier, which I soon realised was largely a token to all the soldiers lost in the faulklens war so as I was with a bunch of English people I felt prett embarressed to be there! Check out my pics on FB though, it was a buatifull memorial and a really pretty town.

I really can´t remember doing a lot else in Rosasrio. It was a nice place but fairly un eventfull.

The end.

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