Tuesday, 19 June 2012

9 months reflection....

Well, I´ve been on the road for 9 months now and I figured I´d do another reflection as the last one seemed to be a bit of a hit. Just to say again, I really like the comments you leave on the blog so please keep leaving them :-).

Hmmmm, so I´m sat in my hostel in Florianopolos (Brazil) and the weather´s been a bit shitty the last couple of days so this may not be the most up beat of entrys! A lot of people have been asking me recently (both here and at home) what my plans are for the rest of my time here and what I plan to do when I get back. So first of all the route:

  • From Floro to rio tomorrow where I´ll spend a few days. Particularly looking forward to seeing christ the redeemer, the favelas and the free U2 gig on sunday.
  • From rio to Uguazu falls
  • Through Paraguay to the salt flats of Bolivia
  • Spend a month in La Paz learning spanish, doing some volunteer work and the death road tour
  • Over to Peru to see Machu Pithcu
  • Up through Equador to columbia then over to venezuala

 So a lot to do still, but I´ve got 3 months so it should be OK. Then what to do after that? Well, it depends on a few factors but I´ve got a few plans to potentially keep me busy for the next decade:

  1. Work in the Mines in Australia for 9 months then travel round the rest of the country with the money I´ve saved
  2. Work in Newzealand for 6 months then travel with the money I´ve saved (both of these I have to do before 30 otherwise I can´t get a working visa)
  3. Teach English in South East Asia - probably ho chi min or south Korea but ideally Chang Mai
  4. Work in Canada for a few months (apperently bar tenders get paid a butt load in tips) then use the money to buy a motorbike and tour the US.
  5. Work in the middle east and save up enough money to go to the antarctic
  6. Work in Europe and save enough money to do the trans siberian from Russia to China then over to Japan.
  7. Work as a tour bus driver in South Africa 
These are pretty much in chronological order of when would make sense to do them. For the record I shan´t be missing Lillerz wedding as it was painfull enough missing Rob´s.

So what of travelling itself? I suppose it´s just become second nature now and that has had a couple of negative effects. First of all I was sat on a bus in Uruguay the other day talking about how I have a pretty good system for keeping my shit together and how I´ll probably need to be more carefull in Brazil but as it´s Urugauy I can be a little more relaxed. Then Sure enough I lost/had my ipod stolen that journey! 120gig of music and videos that had kept me sane for 9 months gone. Fortunately I have an 8 gig ipod as a backup but it still sucks. Then when I crossed the border and got the bus from Uruguay to Floro I didn´t check about the immigration process untill I was about 5 hours into Brazil and realized I didn´t have an entrance stamp. So I´m going to have to pay a 50 pound fine for not doing the immigtaion process correctly. It´s all a learning curve I guess.

At the moment I still prefer South East Asia to South America but I´ve got some really cool things still to look forward to. I´ve spent the last fortnight basically chilling out and doing nothing so I need to get my arse in gear and start ´travelling´again I suppose. Well, it´s 12:30 and England are playing in a few hours so I suppose I better crack open a beer...........


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