Monday, 25 June 2012

Montevideo - FAIL!

Ok so the trip obviously started terribly with the loss of probably the 3rd most important thing to me (after Tigger and my Passport) and oly really got worse. We headed to a hostel that Kate had checked out online was the cheapest option and on arrival there was told that it was full with an Argentinan uni trip. By this point I was getting really stressed. The hostel told us we could either sleep in the comunial aria for free or go to a nearby hostel. So we decided to dump our stuff at the hostel as we´d been offered a place near by that was owned by the same place and took a walk into town to try and find a cash machine. I tried about 3 different banks and 8 cash machines but non of them were accepting my bank card as the magnetic strip was too faded. So I sat on a park bench whilst kate went off to find us some booze to drink. 20 minutes later she came back with a bottle of beer that had `sin Alcoholol´written on it, so I said to Kate ´what does sin mean?´and her head dropped and she said ´without´! This should have been an omen I sould have taken heed of. So she went back to the shop and returned with a cheap bottle of whiskey to spice up the non alcoholic beer and we sat having a chat. After a few drinks we were both a bit pissed and we startd talking about some of the people we´d met on our travells. I then made the error of slipping ito the conversation that I´d hooked up with a lap dancer from England in chang mai, and this was when I discovered that Kate´s ´cool, easy going´outlook on life was a bit of a facade and she went ape shit. She was discusted by this (which if you ask me is pretty damn narrow minded as this lap dancer had been in a 2 year relationship before she went travelling, had only been with me whilst travelling, and worked as a care worker with children from abusive families, so clearly wasn´t some dumb slapper) and went mental saying that she thought she was going to get all sorts of STD´s from me. She wouldn´t drop it after this and continued to make snide comments on the walk back to the hostel. I couldn´t believe she was acting like this, I thought she was pretty open minded and non judgemental but clearly not. So I went off to get cash out with my other bank card, paid her the money I owed her from the previous couple of days and we looked as though we were going to part company.

Then we went outside to talk it over and she appologized for blowing off the handle at me. I figured we were both in need of some R&R so I enquired about a sauna and massage place we could go to to get pampered and we grabbed a bus to where the hostel told us to go. On arrival at the place we were told they were closing in half an hour and they only had a fixed rate for the day so we would have paid for a full day and only spent half an hour there. So then we went off and grabbed a meal which was going ok until we got into a silly debate about wether Bon Jovi was a good artist or not! It was becoming more and more clear to me that my competative personality was clashing with hers. We headed back to the hostel and we planned to chill out and watch a movie. The only problem was that the Argentinian uni girls were all in the communial area so we had to wait for them to go out before we could have the place to ourselves. We´re both pretty sociable people so we got chatting to the girls who were all studying law. I was chatting to a girl sat on my left while Kate chatted to some girls on our right. Then Kate asked if we had any whiskey left and I said that it was in the bag in the storage room, I wasn´t bothered about drinking any more but if she wanted to she could go and grab it and drink the rest. This was to be part 2 of the argument as apperently I should have ran off to fetch her booze for her (if you ask me I think she was jealous I was chatting to another girl) so she pulled me to one side and started having a go at me saying I was selfish and never never did anything for her. This was the final nail in the coffin so I said fuck this I´m going to bed told her I didn´t want to travel with her any more. So the hostel guys took us (she wanted to go to bed too) to our ¨dorm room¨ which was actually a twin room and we went to bed in a horrifically awkward silence.

The next day I woke up to a letter from her saying she´d left early and detailing all my faults. I had no idea where she´d gone and no plan for where to go next. So I decided to send her a message on FB basically saying i thought it was a shame we´d fallen out over such trivial bollax so she told me she was staying in a hostel down the road so I went off to have a chat and try to patch things up. It was so frustating to me that when we were together it was fucking great, but we were arguing over really pathetic things more and more often. So we met at the hostel and decided that it was probably best that we didn´t get pissed together any more as that was what seemed to cause all our arguements. We ordered some mexican food for delivery and thanks to them totally fucking up the order we got 3x as much food for the price we were going to pay :-). This was probably the only good thing to come out of Montevideo. That night I slept at the first dorm while Kate slept at the new dorm. I was in a 32 bed dorm and was the only one in there - weird! Got a decent nights sleep and the next morning I checked into the same dorm as Kate. I´d love to tell you about all the other things I did in Montevideo other than argue with Kate, but we didn´t do anything else! We planed to go play golf at one point but Kate went out and got shitted the night before and over slept. We planned to go to Kareoki at one point but all the kareoki places were closed. It was all a bit rubish really and I was sick of Montevideo so we decided to head to Tacarembo to find a Gaucho ranch to stay at.....

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