Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Goa, Goa, Gone!

Sup fan base! This entry lacks any trace of class/culture (not that my other have any!) and is basically like an episode of Geordie Shores. With that in mind, read at your own risk!

Been living it up in Goa for the last 9 days and frankly I'm ready to move on. I won't give you the usual day by day breakdown as I really haven't done any thing exciting enough to warrant it! Mostly I've been partying on Tito road (which is the party capital of Baga, where I'm staying) and spending that majority of my time at this killer bar/club called Cape Town. I've met some pretty awesome people here in the evenings but the day times have been a bit dull. The Majority of people here (i'd say 90%) are either Indian's on holiday or Russians. English speaking people are hard to come by but the advantage is that they're all really pleased to meet each other as we're sick of Russians! The Russians are ok, but they can't really speak much English so it makes conversations basic and frustrating.

The first few days I spent here where slightly out of town and I met up with Some English people who were staying in Anjuna (down the road from Baga) so I took my scooter (shorts and T-shirt only!) there and spent the night out with those lot. We had a pretty cool night at this resteraunt on the beach and had some pretty impressive seafood. After that we went on to this Trance rave and throw some shapes. The Essex girl I was after was all over this other guy (who was far better looking than me!) so it was a choice between the fat girl who was flirting with me and bed. I elected the latter option!

A few days later I moved hostel to a place really near to Tito's road (the party strip) and met some Ukraine girls who were well into their yoga. They were waking up at 5am and doing yoga on the beach so I met with them and they showed me some moves. One of them was 27 and had a slamming body, spoke really good English but I think she may have been carpet munching with the other one as she didn't seem that interested in me (Surely if she wasn't interested in me she was a lesbian?!). Anyway they convinced me to end my wicked ways, renounce alcohol and get fit for the Kungfu camp.

That lasted all of a day before I got bored, knocked back some whiskey and headed down to Cape Town! Watched some football and met this cracking bloke called Billy, a 60 year old 3 times divorcee who was the life and soul of every bar he went to! He was the ultimate wing man, he had the balls to go and chat with any group of girls then introduce me and as he was faithfully married to his wife back home (and 60 of course!) I could take over from there! Met loads of cool people that night and spent the majority of the night chatting up this tidy Russian girl who looked a bit like that bird from 'In Bruges' until one of her country men muscled in and took over. Frankly we were running out of things to talk about anyway as her grasp of the English language only went so far! Chatted to a few other girls that night; an actress from Reading who was doing some bollywood films over here, a couple of girls from Norway who are really cute (and coincidentally say next to me now!) and a mixed crowd from walse/liverpool/Holland/Germany who were here on some organized trip.

The next day I chilled on the beach all day, got a bit cooked then went back to Cape Town to watch the rather key Manchester Derby. I was cheering on Manu as Billy (the old guy) was so that wasn't a great result! A cracking match though. After that Billy and I headed to this place he knew (he goes to Goa 2 or 3 times a year!) and had, I shit you not, the best steak of my life. I've eaten at a top Steak restaurant in London that charges a small fortune for their steak and it wasn't as good as this 3 quid fillet steak! That night I hooked up with one of the Welsh girls from the organized crowd and went back to mine for some desert!

Yesterday I had a rather eventful evening but I won't divulge that just yet. I need to go through the correct channels before I publicly make an announcement!

Right, off to China soon, the next 5 nights will be spent in Goa, then Mumbai, then Singapore, then HongKong then Guangzhou so I've got a busy week coming up, Looking forward to getting to the Kungfu camp and doing something a bit more interesting/rewarding.  

Friday, 21 October 2011

Agra (The Taj Mahal)

Arrived in Agra and met up with the girls at this place the lonely planet recommended. Unfortunately it had sold out so after a couple of hours fannying around finding another place we eventually ended up at another place that beth and Ross had suggested which was pretty good. Booked some train tickets for the next day on this super express train that only took 2 hours to get from Agra to Delhi but after booking them I realized that I’d selected the wrong option and was on the waiting list. In hindsight that would have been fine but at the time I was annoyed at myself for cocking up everyone’s tickets and potentially having to take a long ass bus or train journey.

Woke up super early to catch the sunrise at the Taj (apparently that’s the best time to see it). Took some killer photo’s there including some world class pics of Tig there (which was pretty much the only reason why I came to Agra!).  Tarted around at the taj for a while photo bombing random tourists (which is where you walk behind someone/a group of people who are getting their photo taken and pulling a funny face at the camera) then headed back. The Taj itself was pretty unimpressive on the inside but it is pretty magnificent from the outside. After that we grabbed some lunch, got the train tickets from the station (‘waiting’ again, but was assured it would be fine) and went to Agra fort to piss around and feed some squirrels (see photos!). Had a bit of a barney with the tuk tuk drivers over the price to take us to the station (basically it was a lot more than we had agreed earlier that day) but eventually they won and we had our pants pulled down (I was trying to argue the case but the other guys couldn’t be arsed so we just got on with it!). The train ride to Delhi was a dream, we were in AC2 which had massive comfy seats and a meal (Thali once again!) and only took 2 hours. Checked in at a hotel in Delhi (that was pretty scummy but really cheap and had an early night.

Well the power has gone in this internet cafe so I'm sweating my nuts off. I'm in Goa (and have been for the last couple of days) so I'll update you all on my Goan adventures soon. Peace out.



Arrived in Jaipur and for once didn’t have any issues with picking a place to stay. We had been recommended this place called Yogi’s by Beth and Ross (who we met in Udaipur) which was a cracking little place. First thing we did was head to Macdonalds for some well earned junk food! Then we went off to the local fort and then to this gay little astronomy museum thing but by that stage I was too tired and hot to take in any more culture. Went back to the hostel and chilled for a while before heading out to the biggest cinema in India to watch Rascals. Wade stayed back at the hotel as he was still ill. Only watched half of it as it was the biggest pile of corney shit I’ve ever seen (plus I didn’t understand what they were saying!). Bollywood movies are so weird, they have some lose plot intermingled with MTV music videos like a modern musical. All the acting was massively over the top and all the people in the cinema get well into the film (woop and cheer at their favorite actors).

The girls went off to this other fort outside of town that had some monkeys and stuff. Wade and I couldn’t be arsed so chilled all day and watched into the wild and slumdog and booked our bus to Agra for the next day. Stocked up on Val again and this time bought 50 tablets for less than I bought 10 at the last place! The girls arrived back with a couple of Indian guys in the Tuk tuk and they were desperately trying to get rid of them (they had been trying their luck with them all day) so Wade and I pretended to be their boyfriends. One of them Semi jokingly squared up to me and told me that he was her boyfriend not me so I brushed him to one side (these Indians are pussies when it comes to it!) put my arm around Nic and walked her into the hotel like a boss (although that still didn’t help my chances!) That night we chilled on the roof of the hotel and drank some beers.


Fuck me I'm behind on these blogs! Been doing a lot of traveling around recently and this is the first time in a while I've been on my own.

Arrived in Jaisalmere and met up with the two Aussie girls we met in Judpur (Duke and Nick). Duke’s real name is actually Julie but for some reason I couldn’t seem to ever remember it and could only remember the name of her dog! Anyway, the four of us met up and spent about 4 hour deciding what Camel safari we wanted to do (Jaisalmere is located on the west coast of India and is surrounded by desert). We eventually went with this pretty seedy looking outfit as Wade liked the guy there. The girls weren’t overly happy about the choice but as one of the people we were doing the safari with said “you either buy shit here or shit there, it’s all just the same shit!”. After a somewhat stressed and heated few hours we headed to the fort to grab some dinner and chill out. I decided to buy this heap of shit Indian Guitar thing (not a sitair, some other shoudy pile of wank) as I figured we could have a sing along in the desert (it seemed pretty simple to play). Anyway piece of shit guitar thing in hand we headed up to this resteruant that overlooked Jaisalmere and kicked back and ordered some beers to unwind. The chef came over and promided that his Thali was the best in India. Turns out he was right! It was absolutely gorgous and we had a really nice evening listening to tunes and chatting. I was trying to bust some moves on Nic as she was insanely cute but I’ll save you the suspence and having spent a week with the girls DNC’d (did not close).

Woke up early doors and headed off in our jeep to the camels. I asked the dude what my camel was called and he told me it was called camel. Not sure if that was a language thing or what but it amused me. Off we went (me, Wade, Duke, Nic and this other couple) on our camels with the dune coons leading us along. They stopped every now and again to pick wild melons from the ground to give to us which was pretty cool. After a while we stopped for some veggy currie and chapattis which the camel jockey’s made from scratch. The women in the couple was mildly cretonnes as she’d done a bit of travelling so was giving me patronizing advise on places they’d been etc. She was a personal trainer so had all these cookey ideas about what was safe and what wasn’t. Having given me a lecture about eating street food and swimming in Udaiper lake she then went on to say that she hadn’t taken any vaccines or malaria medication which I thought was pretty fucked up. After lunch we carried on trucking away on the camels and stopped in at a little village and bought some cokes from the kids there (which after a full day trecking in the desert was bliss!). Eventually we arrived at the dunes and the sand bandits set about cooking up some grub (which was pretty shite to be honest!). Took some sunset and safari style photos and I tried to meditate for a bit before getting narked off with the flies harassing me! Me and the girls popped a couple of valium (which is readily available in India everywhere!) and nailed some whiskey.
We spent the night cuddled up together and woke up the following to some to some breaky cooked up by the sand people. Off we went again on the camels and stopped in at this little school in the middle of the desert to play with the kids there. The little blighters where so sweet but kept asking for money and school pens. We had a good joke around with them and taught them how to give high fives! That was pretty much the last stop on the safari so we went back to the town via jeep, had a shower and off we went via coach to Judpur.

Friday, 14 October 2011



This shouldn't take long to write as Judpur was a bit of a dump. We arrived pretty tired and grouchy, walked around for a bit then went back to the hostel. Same old shit in the markets, annoying salesmen trying to flog shit. I was craving meat so Wade and I grabbed a tuk tuk to 'chicken corner'. The food was amazing but all the locals there where staring at us the entire time and one Indian dude sat opposite Wade was winking and blowing kisses at his which weirded him out big time! I'm starting to think that Wade is a bit of a batty magnet! Maybe they just like his rugged surfer hair. Maybe he just looks like a bumder! Who knows!


Wad got proper ill from the chicken the night before and was wretching most of the day. I met up with some Aussie girls who where pretty cute and we agreed to go to the Fort together. Wade bless him soldiered through and walked around the fort with us but kept having to visit the gents. The tour itself was pretty interesting and the audio guide was in good English. Then we went bak to town and had an omlete from The omlete man which was off the hook (very good) and a lassi from a recommended place. Then we went back to the fort and did a flying fox ( which was absolutely amazing. Proper long zip wires (I'll upload the videos and pics at some point) and cracking views. I'm off to treat myself to a macdonalds now so I'll write about the Camel safari e did in Jaisalmere another time. By the way, I'm now in Jaipur.

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Arrived in Udaiper having had a surprisingly good amount of sleep on the train. Udaiper is situated on this massive lake and all the hostels have cracking views of it and the mountains in the distance. Grabbed a tuk tuk to the hostel Joe had recommended back in Mumbai. The driver was desperately trying to get us to go to a hostel he said was really good (which they all try to do as they have commission arrangements with certain hostels). Anyway, we looked at this hostel (which turns out wasn't the one Joe had recommended) and they were quoting 2200 rupis a night which we were having none of! So we let mr tuk tuk (khaun) take us to his hostel he was recommending as it was near to the dream heaven which the lonely planet recommended. The dream heaven didn't have any rooms so we went for this place and it was only 600 rupis a night for an AC room with a balcony. Went for a cracking lunch at Jasmine (lonely planet recommended) which had a really chilled vibe and decent food. We were itching for a drink so wondered to the off licence and bought a 70cl bottle of whiskey for 300 rupis (4 quid). Stepped in a big old lump of cow shit and had to clean off my sandels in the lake (and probably caught aids). Headed back to the hostel and chilled for a couple of hours before going to a resteraunt by the lake. The restaurant had a cracking view and the food was top notch. In hindsight it was a wee bit expensive but the equivalent of a tenner back home for 2 beers each and enough food to feed 3 people. Wade was a bit down about missing his girlfriend back home so I was doing my best to cheer him up. I explained that I knew someone back home who had gone travelling in Australia and ended up leaving after a couple of weeks cus he missed his girlfriend back home and always regretted it as they ended up breaking up shortly after anyway. Think that helped a lot and by the morning and a good nights sleep he was back to his spritely self.

Having had a pretty lazy day the day before we decided we'd go out exploring the town. Started off by spending a couple of hours at the internet cafe then headed to the dream heaven to see if they had any rooms going. Got chatting to 3 aussie girls who had been in India for a couple of months and more importantly had been in Udaiper for 6 days so gave us loads of good tips. Headed off to the temples and we started getting the hang of the locals constantly harassing us and turned it into a bit of a game with them. We walked around all afternoon and had such a great laugh. Went to this temple and got a cracking pic of tiggs by this hindu statue on the sneak. Then we went next door to this run down temple that didn't have anyone in it. It was much better as we could walk anywhere and take photos without feeling guilty about offending anyone. This helpful official looking guy who worked there took us around and told us all about the temple and had a laugh with us at the naughty karma sutra carvings. Wade asked him "do you do karma sutra?" and he replied "i'm married" so presumably he means no! That night we met up with a couple we met in the internet cafe (Ross and Beth) for a few drinks. The resteraunt/bar we went to was suggested to us by the owner who we bumped into earier in the day and we had barted drinks for 120rps a beer. Got there and asked how much a beer was and they said 250rps each! We told him he was having a laugh and we threatened to leave unless he gave them for 120 each and he soon cracked. The negotiating here is hilarious! Stayed for a few jars then went on to this place called Pushkas and the guys there don't care if you smoke special cigerates in the bar and you can put your own tunes on. Had a cool quote on the wall saying "we're all here cus we're not all there" which I really like.  On the walk back Wade tried to ride a cow (they just wonder around the streets) but it wasn't too happy about it. Then we heard some loud music ritual banging from a place near our hostel so the guys let us get involved and we got blessed by the holy man there.

Best day in India so far. Bumped into this Manc guy called Micheal who recomended we head to this museli place down the road. loads of fruit and yoguart and this thing was the balls. He took about half an hour to make it but that was only cus he put so much love into it. After that we went to find a swimming pool, tried a few places that were talking 300rps but eventually found a place for 100rps. It was actually the first place that tuk tuk man took us (the really expensive hotel) and it was really chilled there. They had 3 turtles just bopping around the grass. I decided to splash out on a full body massage which cost me 950rps (15 quid). It was naked which was a bit uncomfortable. The masseuse (who looked like an India Mr Bean) kept brushing past my junk which weirded me out a bit. After that we went for a cooking course which was amazing. It's run by this sweet old india woman who is recommended as the best thing to in Udaiper by trip adviser and lonely planet. We cooked everything from pakoras to curries to naan bread and at the end we sat and ate all we'd cooked. Got back on a real high having had such a cracking day and realised I'd left my ipod at the bar the night before. I was spitting feathers as it's one of the most important things I have (second only to my wallet and tiggs). Went to the bar and after I'd identified it as being in a leather wallet he handed it over. I could have kissed him I was so happy! Bought the guy a beer to say thanks and explained that the night before we'd been blessed at the ritual and told him that I thought I was blessed (they love all that).


Met up with the Aussie girls we hung around with at the pool the day before and grabbed a tuk tuk to the boat place to get a trip around the palace lake. Having already swam in the lake a few days prior (I can't remember what day it was) it kinda took the adventure out of it but it we still had some pretty views of the palace on the lake. After that we got chatting to some Indian kids and convinced them to let us ride their motorbikes about for a bit which was a good laugh. Bit dodge rocking a bike in just shorts and a beater (no helmet!) but when in Rome and all that! Then we walked up this hill and convinced some locals that Wade was Ricky Pointings son so they all took photos with him and where really impressed. It's got to the stage now where every fucker we meet is lying to us to scam money so we might as well just lie back! Got this cable car up to the top of that mountain and sat drinking whiskey looking out at Udiper lit up at night which was beautiful. We spent about 3 hours up there just soaking it in and chatting and it was so nice to get some peace and quite for once. By the time we where done there where no tuk tuk drivers to take us home so we asked this 'helpful' local guy to take us back on the back of his motorbike. 3 up! He tried grabbing Wades junk and feeling up his leg on the way back so Wade wasn't too pleased with that!


Aimlessly wondered around udiper for a while and chilled at the hotel for most of the day until the evening. Met a couple of french girls at this fancy Restaurant (one of which was insanely hot!) and chatted to them for a while. The next day we agreed to met up to got up to monsoon palace which cost us a fair amount. and wasn't all that great to be honest. Grabbed a bus to Jodpur that night which was pretty uncomfortable but having popped a couple of valium I was out like a light!

In Summary, Udiper was fucking quality. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mumbai: What a dump!

This is where the adventure really starts. I was absolutely bricking it the morning of flying from Bahrain to Mumbai. Literally the only white person on the plane over. Arrived in Mumbai on Friday and got greeted at the airport by a rep from the hostel I was staying at the first night. I was really skeptical about him as the email warned of people posing to be from the hostel and charging them loads to stay at another place. He walked me through this seedy car park t the road and flagged down a tuk tuk. I grilled him a bit on the booking but I was still worried. Anyway, we both jumped into the tuk tuk and set off towards the hostel. The ride there was fucking mental, I thought the roads in Bahrain where bad but they don't even come close. At one point the tuk tuk driver hit a speed bump/pot hole at full speed by accident and I nearly bounced off the roof. He looked at me in the mirror with a big grin on his face and just did the Indian head wobble (which I still haven't figured out what it means!) Arrived at the hostel and check in and there was a pretty cute American girl (Errin) staying there. We ventured into the street to grab some dinner at a restaurant. Had a couple of strong beers and exchanged war stories. Went back to the hostel and chatted/flirted a bit more and it turns out she's got a boyfriend back home. Of course she didn't tell me that until after I lent over to kiss her! Bloody prick tease! Anyway she cleared off the next morning and I met the other people staying there. There was Joe from Manchester, Lyndsy from Oxford and Nat+Hayley from near Bristol. I was really lucky to have all English speaking people who were really cool as it set me up nicely for the rest of the trip. Later that evening Errin and I wondered out to the street as there was a bit of a festival going on. Not sure what it was for but they were all doing this line dance thing in a circle which we got involved with. Then we went and paid homage to She-ra (sheeva) by chucking popcorn at a statue of her and praying for a bit. Really cool that the locals where all so keen to let us get involved.


Woke up early and headed off to be an extra in a bollywood movie called House Full 2. Me, Joe and Lyndsy got picked up by a rep from the studio and he took us to the station via tuk tuk. It was rush hour so they where cramming into the train like Sardines. We had to let the first 3 trains go because they were just too busy. Eventually got on and had to throw some elbows to get off the other side! Got to the studio and we had to put on these cheesy retro outfits (see my pics on FB). Then we hung around for about 3 hours before eventually going into the set. There was loads of other people from near by hostels and I got chatting to this Aussie guy called Wade who I'm now travelling with (as he's going to the same places as me). The filming was  boring and the director was a major dick head who kept shouting at us. We decided we were bored at around 2 (having spent 5 hours there) and told the organizer that we needed to go as we had a train to catch. He got on the phone to the agency and the agent told me if we leave early we won't get paid. Bear in mind we were being paid 500 rupis (about 8 quid) for 13 hours work I told him I really didn't care about the money! The guys who didn't leave early had to stay until 10pm and went out after for a few drinks (which I was a bit gutted about missing). So me, Joe and Lyndsy headed back to the hostel and ordered some Indian take away and had a chilled one.


As all of the people from my hostel left the previous night (to various destinations) I decided to head over to the hostel (salvation army) that some of the people from the filming where staying at. It was a third of the price (225 rps as apposed to 800rps at the place I was at) so I figured it was a no brainier. The new hostel, the Salvation Army, was conveniently located near most of the tourist sites in Mumbai (the church gate, the grand univercity, the court house etc) but was the biggest shit heap I've ever stayed at. I'm still itching now from all the bed bugs that where feasting on my skin and I was kept up most of the night by snoring, dogs barking and car horns beeping. Met some more cool people there and didn't actually manage to meet the people from the filming (which was a shame cus one of them was really cute!). Went for a wonder to the church gate which was fairly unimpressive and tried to walk to the western coast to watch the sunset. I decided I was going to use the sun to guide me but instead of walking to the western most point, I ended up at the southern most point! Fail! got a taxi to take me to the  'Grand University' and court house which were just standard buildings and then wondered to the coast. I sat on this wall overlooking the sea among hundreds of other people, put my ipod in and watched the sun set which was really nice. It was the first time I could relax and enjoy india without the constant drone of horns, beggars and hustlers. Got a taxi back to the hostel and headed out to grab some food at one of the lonely planet recommended places. All the food India has been top notch and bloody cheap. It's shame that so many people are out to get your money as the ones who just want to have a chat you blank or try to get rid off as you think it's going to be a scam. That night I got hardly any sleep and woke up the following morning on a mission to get the hell out of mumbai.

Met up with Wade who was firmly of the same opinion that he'd had enough of Mumbai and we jumped on a train to Udaiper. I don't want to give him too much of an ego boost in case he reads this but Wade is by far the coolest guy I've met travelling so far. We just talk shit and have a laugh without ever feeling uncomfortable or needing to try to force conversation. The journey to Udaiper would have really sucked if it hadn't been for him. The first 8 hours of the trip where on a sitting train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad (which we nick named I'm a bad ass). Wade decided he wanted to go budget on the train so we where in with all the riff raff in fairly crowded and uncomfortable seats. Got chatting to this cool guy who spoke really good English and he gave us great info on places to go and how long to spend in each area. We arrived in Ahmedabad at 11pm and for the first time I felt threatened queuing up to inquire about what platform to take. I was the second guy in the queue and a local pushed in front of me. I tried shoulder barging him out the way and telling him to go behind me but he was having none of if. I had my big bag on my back and Wade was in another queue. I looked behind me and there was 4 crusty looking blokes who gave me a shit eating aggressive looking grin and I decided it wasn't worth it so walked away. The second part of the journey was on a sleeper train which was the budget class again. There was 6 people in the carriage and we were on the top bunk. We thought it best to keep our bags on us in the bed so it was rather cramped. Managed to get  bit of sleep though and woke up at Udaiper station.

I'm sat in an Internet cafe in Udaiper and it's really nice here. I'll write some more another day as I've been sat here for ages now!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Final days of Bahrain

Let's play catch up! Ash's internet went down for the last couple of days so I haven't been able to post so I'm catching up on a rather eventful week's worth of blogging. I actually spent an hour last night writing a blog only to click the wrong button and lose it all! Ok, where was I?

Hectic day, got CJ to drive me to the Souq market which is a district of Bahrain that the Indian community pretty much owns. Got a pair of genuine Oakley sunglasses for 4 quid and managed to lose them within 24 hours. I've decided I can't be trusted with sunglasses on watches (sorry Cathy :-( ) as I just lose them. Also picked up an Arabian Thobe and Dish dash for tiggs which looks bloody hilarious:

Got a bit lost looking around the Souq and it was hard work but really good practice for India.

Went to american Alley (a street which has all american chain restaurant like KFC, MacDonalds etc) and rented a car for the day for 20 quid. Red 207cc which for those of you who don't know cars is a nippy little twin top. Took great pleasure in pulling up at the lights and popping the electric roof open in front of all the locals. Within 5 minutes I immediately regretted doing so as it was hotter than Satan's balls so pulled over to get the AC going.  Went to the Tree of life which is apparently a big Muslim symbol. What a cope out, it was just a tree in the middle of the desert! Met a a really cool american couple and went in convoy to the BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) to take some pics and look around. Looked at times and prices of the go carting (which is a to scale replica of the F1 circuit!) and we went back later in the week. After that I parted ways with the Americans and went to meet Tom to go to the Fort. Tom thought it was a good idea to cut across this sand track and I fully beached the 207 and had to get a helpful passing Arab dude to tow me out. I was not happy with Tom! After that I met up with Ash and Loaf at the rugby club to play football with them in an 8 a side friendly game. I scored our only goal in a 6-1 drubbing so I was gloating about being their top goal scorer for the season (as it was their first game of the season).

Got up early and CJ drove me to the airport to go to Dubai for the day. When I arrived at the airport I went strait to the Mall of the Emirates and tucked int some Mongolian food (lush). After that I went skiing for a couple of hours at the in door ski slope attached to the mall. Then I took the metro to the Burj Khalifa (the biggest building in the world) and took some pretty sweet photo's from the 124th floor (with Tiggs of course!) After that I basically just killed a few hours before my flight was due to go by walking around the mall and seeing the pretty fishy's at the aquarium and the water fall.

Played xbox. Come on, after the previous 3 days I'd earned a rest!

Last day in Bahrain. Met up with the American couple and they drove us all to the water park for the day. As it was a week day the place was practically empty so we didn't have to queue for any of the slides. The park itself was pro, loads of different slides with 1up, 2up and 3up rings depending on the slide. One of them was actually shit scary it was so fast and it takes a fair amount to scare me these days after riding motorbikes at silly speeds and jumping out of planes! After that we did a few laps of the go carting track at the BIC and I beat ash's best lap by a second. Granted I was only 6th fastest but lots of the local's where doing sneaky little tricks to get faster (like running over the bumps to keep speed through the exit of the corners). That night we all went to see the Gypsy Kings perform at JJ's which was really cool. They're the guys who sing that "one more radio" song that you would have heard. Me and debz rocked some pretty crazy Latino shapes and I sort of smacked her in the face whilst attempting a pirouette! I'll write about India in a bit, but for now I need to visit the golden throne... wish me luck!