Monday, 25 June 2012

Colonia De Sacramento - Uruguay

After frantically haring around BA to try and rescue Kate´s guitar from a hostel she left it at, no no avail, we just managed to get to the port in time for our ferry. It was a short journey over to Uruguay and on arrival at Colonia we set about looking for a hostel. As usual we were disgusted by how expensive everywhere was especially as it was low season so the hostels where all really empty anyway. We eventually settled on a pretty decent HI (hostel international) as they had a 4 bed dorm that was up some stairs to ourselves so it was like having our own little den :-). On our first mission out to grab supplies we met the most gorgeous ad cool dog I´ve ever seen who proceeded to follow us around for the remainder of our time in Colonia. We named him Rorge, pictured below (the one on the right ;-))

The first day was mainly spent chilling out, I bought and cooked a mean BBQ chicken with mash lunch and then we spent the rest of the day watching movies and sleeping (we were still a bit ill from man flu at this point). 

The next day we (me, Kate Rorge) wondered off to see if we could rent a moped for the day to explore the town. Not only was it stupidly over priced, we were also only allowed to go around the town and not further a field so we decided to just take a walk down to the old town instead. First stop was to the sea side which was nice and pretty. Then we walked over to the lighthouse in the old town and had a pretty decent view of the town from up there. We could also see Rorge down on the street terrorising the pigeons :-). After that we walked around the pretty cobbled streets and looked at all the old buildings. on the way home we stopped in at a butchers and bought a couple of big old steaks to cook up. Then after a siesta we stocked up on whiskey milk and chocolate and made submarines. Now in order to make a submarine one must add a bar of chocolate to boiled milk so that it dissolves in and tastes ace. we decided to spice up this recipe with the addition of whiskey and got nicely cooked whilst watching battle ship on Kate´s DVD player (pretty decent film for the record). 

The next day planned to hitch to Montevideo but the logistics weren´t really in our favour and the bus was pretty cheap. Unfortunately I lost/had stolen my 120gig ipod which was full of music, comedy and music. Epic fail. In fact this was to be the start of my worst day of travelling in the entire trip.....

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