Thursday, 14 June 2012


Shit we spent a long time in Cordoba! The first half we spent at a hostel in one half of the city which was pretty chilled and cheap. It had a table football table which was pretty naff but still good fun. The first time I used it it took a while to get used to and I even managed to get beaten by an american. The next day I kicked his ass though so all was redeemed!

The second day in Cordoba we did precisely fuck all in the day time. We looked around for places to go sky diving as we´d been told that it was really cheap in Cordoba. That evening we played some drinking games before heading out for a night on the tiles. We headed out with some American guys and an couple of Canadian girls. One of the girls was flirting with me pretty heavily so I had to tell her that I was kind of seeing Kate as although we were´t exactly a couple, it would have caused a shit storm if I´d gone off with another girl. Shame though, she was pretty cute! After some shapes in the club Kate and I headed back to the hostel.
The following day i was a touch hung over so watched the final day of the premiem league and watched Man city beat QPR in extra time to win the entire league. Mental game. that evening, me Kate and the American guy headed to a salsa class which was a good laugh. this was first time Kate and I had a we bit of friction though as she was first of all giving me shit for being bad at dancing, then when I tried to do better she was giving me shit for being boring and taking it too seriously and making it ´not sexy´. So I decided that I would make it uber sexy... and turned into a french nympho! So whilst seductively speaking to her in a ridiculously over the top french accent I passionately threw her around to the dance steps. And she was pissing herself laughing the entire time!

The next day we decided to move hostels as we´d found another place across town for cheaper and as we wated to see some more of the town we took a walk. It had Duvuets! Awwww, they were lush. We also managed to find out that the skydiving company affiliated with the hostel was the same place that one of Kates mates worked at so we figured we´d get a discount if we dropped his name. Nope! But still, we went off sky diving and it was sick. I´ve been a few times before so I was pretty excited and not nervous about doing it. But Kate had heard loads of horror storries and managed to make herself really nervious! So when it came to just before the jump I though it best not to tell her that the plane we were using was the same that I´d used at uni and that had crashed through engine failuire! After the skydive, which was obviously kick ass we went for a steak and a siasta. In fact that day I´d had steak, sex, skydiving, salsa and a siasta. Good times!

The next day we headed to Rosario........

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