Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rosario to BA - the easiest hitch ever!

We grabbed a bus to the outskirts of town so that we could hitch on the main road out. So whilst hanging around a petrol garage there a guy came up to us to offer us a lift further down the road. We weren´t sure exactly what he was saying, but it turned out he was the manager of the service station just down the road. So he drops us off, takes us inside and gets us a couple of free coffees. Then whilst we´re sat there drinking the coffees and eating bread rolls we´d pre made he came back over and gave us a plate of croissants on the house! Then after we´d finished eating we wondered over to the exit ramp and started discussing what our ideal hitch would be, and as Kate was fed up of speaking broken Spanish she was hoping for someone who spoke English. Then 2 minutes later a guy comes over and offers us a lift in his corsa. This guy was perfect; he drove 120kph most of the way (all the trucks we´d been in were going like 80 so it took ages to get anywhere), he spoke shit loads of english, had air con and designed flight simulators for the Argentinian army so was really interesting to speak to. 

So we arrived in BA in record time and started looking for Milhouse, which is the hostel EVERYONE stays in…..

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