Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Top 10's

So I realized the other day that I'm well past my halfway point and I've been travelling for almost 7 months now, so I think it's time for another quick reflection type post. For the record, I'm a bit pissed as I've been drinking Irak with some Bali locals on Kuta beach.

Top Ten Countries:
1) Thailand - It was the place I was most looking forward to and it didn't disappoint :-)
2) Vietnam - Seems to get a lot of negative press for some reason but I really liked it
3) China - In addition to proving a great talking point with the kungfu camp, I loved the big cities too
4) Bahrain - The people really make a country, and the expat community I met were great
5) India - Hard work, but ultimately an amazing place
6) Laos - Tubing. 'Nuff said.
7) Indonesia - Only been here a week but loving it so far
8) Cambodia - I wasn't really there that long so couldn't really take it in
9) Malasia - Technically I've been to Singapore for one night but didn't really see anything of note!
10) Only been to 9 countries!

Top Ten Places:
1) Chang Mai - I could go on for hours about that place. Think i might live there after I've been to Australia.
2) Ho Chi Min - Surprisingly endearing despite the hectic chaos
3) Udaipur - Best place in India and a lovely little city
4) Hoi Ann - Beautiful. Like Bruges, but better!
5) Ko Pan Yang - Not just a 'party' island, but a lots of great beaches and plenty to do
6) Jaisalmere - I had a cracking time there with the camel safari and the roof top restaurant.
7) Guang Zou - Only because Pete Hull showed me all the great places to go!
8) Don Det (4000 islands) - Left too soon but loved every minute. Properly chilled place
9) Sanming - Amazingly modern and really welcoming.
10) Vang Vien - Tubing. Nuff said!

Top Ten Moments:
1) Watching the sun set on valentines day in Don Det with the most beautiful girl in my arms. Perfect.
2) Looking over at Udaipur from the top of the mountain whilst drinking whiskey with Wade.
3) Looking out at the canyon after meditating at the temple, then looking up at the stars.
4) Doing Cheng Gong (kungfu/meditation) whilst looking out at the valley during sunrise
5) Riding through villages on my newly bought motorbike in Vietnam whilst listening to Bon Jovi on my ipod
6) Jumping off a 12 meter cliff into the sea on an island off Bali.
7) Watching the sun rise over Ankor Wat with tigs and Maren.
8) Watching the sunset in a tree top house after zip lining through the trees on the gibbon experience
9) Seeing sharks whilst scuba diving in Ko Phi Phi.
10) Racing up the hill on my 650 ninja with dave hot on my heals.

Top Ten People
1) Wade. God I love that guy. Looking forward to hanging out with him in Australia next year. I've never clicked with someone so quickly and been able to chat utter shit without ever having an 'awkward' silence.
2) Maren. Haven't talked about her on my blog yet, but she's a German girl I was travelling with through Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Stunningly hot and a fantastic sense of humor. Rule one of travelling broken!
3) Debz/Loaf/Shlee/Kate. Bahrain wouldn't have even been considered if it hadn't been for those guys. Debz has always been one of my favorite people and it was great to bond with Kate and Loaf. I also thought me and Ash got on really well and built on our friendship as we've never really been that close before.
4) Billy - The 6- year old from Goa who was so likable and confident (and the ultimate wing man!)
5) Ulgur - The russian - Top girl, shame we over did it in Ko Tao living and learning together 24/7.
6) Jackson - The Aussie guy from the kung fu camp. A really easy guy to get on with.
7) Conner - The funniest guy I've met so far. but then again, he's welsh and I always find the welsh hilarious!
8) Jack+Samir - from the kungfu camp. inseparable and quality guys.
9) Log - The Welsh girl from India and Thailand. A proper party girl and a great laugh.
10) Jam - My tour guide from Chaing Mai. She made my time there so great and was my personal accountant!

So there we have it. That's taken me 2 hours to write (in between skyping Rhi to sort out meeting in Aus later this month) and I'm still over a month behind with my blog! I may so some more tonight instead of going out.


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  1. omg ! what an amazing read pete ! i am so excited to see you, i wish i actually had some time off while you were here but at least we have some evenings and we can cause carnage ! You need to have an epic birthday thats for sure ! plannage ! two weeks tomorrow ! x