Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Luang Prabang

Quaint, clean and classy Luang Prabang is really cool. We all woke up with a bit of a hangover so walked around the town for a bit before grabbing a tuk tuk to the waterfall. It was really beautiful to look at, refreshing to swim in and there was a rope swing there for people to use :-). I watched this little Chinese girl swing into the water then flap around as if she was drowning. Someone jumped in and helped her out of the water and I said to her "are you ok, can you swim" to which she replied "no, but I thought I'd give it a try!". I loved that, she'd never swam before so decided the best way to learn was to launch herself into a river from a rope swing and hope for the best! After that we chilled at this really cool little place owned by an French expat who had the attitude of "bring your own drinks if you like, I pride myself on having the most chilled out place in town". This was a really refreshing attitude, and the reason it worked is that backpackers and tourists respected the place for it so spent money on food and mixers but also brought bottles of spirits too so that the night didn't cripple their budget. That night we headed to a place full of locals so we figured it would be cheap and good. Some of the dishes where nice, a couple where a bit dodge, but by frog curry was lovely :-)

The next morning everyone woke up at 6am to do yoga. I could not be fucked with that! We met up a bit later in the morning and wondered around the town for a while before heading up the hill to the temple that overlooked the town for sunset. Pretty impressive sunset but too many people around in a small place to get a really good view. Then after the crowds dispersed the 4 of us (by this time the NZ guy who was by himself had gone off to an elephant sanctuary) sat and looked out at the town as night fell and all the lights started to come on. It reminded me of when I went up the cable car with wade in Udaiper to look out at the city. We sat there for an hour and soaked in the atmosphere and it was really nice.

The last day in Luang Prabang me and the canadian woke up earlyish to rent some push bikes and cycle around the town. This was a great laugh and the town was really nice to just potter around and look at. When we got to the river we had some locals coming up to us asking "boat trip?" which I thought was a bit retarded as we'd clearly rented bikes for a reason. after the 4th time of being asked "boat trip?" I decided to play with them a bit and started responding with "bike trip? only 2 dollars?" which they laughed at and one of them actually got my bike for a second for a laugh. That's one of the things I've learnt through travelling, it's all to easy to get annoyed by people coming up selling you things so the best way to deal with them is to have a joke with them. That way even if they're not getting your money at least you can make them laugh. Then we went back to meet up with the NZ couple and they rented a tandem bike and the four of us rode to the market. This was where I found my cowboy that I managed to bargain down to 3 pounds for :-) Then I made my way to the bus station where I met up with suzane (the German girl who had leant us the uno cards) and her 3 travelling buddies. The bus ride to Veng Vien (where the tubing is at) is notoriously dodgy but I managed to wangle my way into the front seat and even used the seat belt! On arrival at Veng Vien I managed to room share with the four germans who were travelling together. Thy where all doctors studying in Vienna (Austria) and all in their final year. there was:

Neel: A really cool, laid back guy who I immediately got on with
Kathrin: the quietest of the group, but still really nice
Suzzane: had spent 4 years living in america so had by far the best English. She was also the most confident and flirty.
Maren: Stunning. Reminded me of hayley in her looks, attitude, sense of humor and manor-isms.

The five of us went out for some food and I mainly chatted to Suzane whilst the other 3 chatted among themselves in german. Then the three girls went to bed early and me and Neel went to the bucket bar to see what was what. Suzzane said that he could do with some male company having spent so long with the girls. Everyone at the bar was already pissed so we didn't really mingle, we just chatted to each other and watched the fire limbo. Besides, we had a big day ahead of us tubing.....

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