Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back to Chang Mai

Arrived back in Chaing Mai and checked into good old Mojito. Jam (the cool receptionist) was still a little bit ill from before I left to go to Pai but she was on good form. She checked me into dorm one and I chatted to her for a while about setting up a massage course for me. Then a cute looking girl walked in, so I asked Jam to move me to the same dorm as her. Unpacked my bags and had a quick shower then headed out to the local spot to see if I could find someone to make friends with. Within 5 minutes of sitting at the bar at a random place a couple of English girls came over so I chatted to them for a while. I wanted to try out some of the tricks from the Game to see if I could pull them off. The first of which, which I've used about 8 times since, worked a treat. I'll let my man Neil Strauss do the explaining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aWoN8MvGKw So having got them to pay for my next drink we then sat at the bar and I ran a couple more tricks, first the 3 mice story then the Pen 15 club, which both require a pen, and they where loving them. Having exhausted most conversations and realizing that I wasn't really fussed about either of them, I then walked through the club to find someone new to chat to. At that point I then saw the girl from earlier who I'd switched dorms for dancing on a table. Her name was Lindsy, a 29 year old lap dancer from England who was travelling for 3 months by herself. She had a glowing personality and a body to die for. I chatted to her for a while then ran the 5 questions game on her which she was loving. Then after a while the two of us started chatting to some Russian guys who where sat near by and to demonstrate that the 5 question game works every time I managed to get one of them to agree to play it with me. I explained the rules to him and he was ready to start:

Pete: What country are we in?
Guy: Thailand.

So he went of to get me a drink having completely failed to understand the point of the game! One of the other guys then pissed me off by telling me that he did something with smuggling illegal diamonds into the country and, having watched blood diamond and thinking I was an expert on the subject, worked myself up into convincing myself he was a terrible man so promptly headed back to the dorm.... with Lyndsy :-)

The next day I got up early to kick off my massage course. Jam rode me to the place and I met with the instructor and my massage model. The instructor was a middle aged big thai women who spoke really good english and was really friendly. My model was also middle aged and fat but was a german guy who was clearly shacking up with his employer as the two of them flurted cringe-worthily the entire time. The massage course ran for two days and was centered around learning how to give a full body massage. I figured that learning Thai massage wouldn't really be that 'sexy' when it came to actually giving one to a girl. The first day was front of legs, arms and chest and the second day was back of legs, arms and back. The last thing I learned on day one was chest, and massaging oil into a middle aged fat germans hairy chest was not really a highlight of my travelling! It got worse when the next day I had to massage his fat ass. But the course itself was really good and I've used the things I've learned a few times since. After getting some culture I treated myself to a mcdonalds afterwards :-). Then I met up with Lyndsy who was as shattered as I was having done gone to the tigger kingdom that day and we met up with a couple of people she'd met and headed to the night market. We didn't actually get to the night market as on the walk there we got chatting to a couple of really pissed english guys who convinced us to go to a roof top bar for 'one drink'. One drink turned into shots of tequila and a shit ton of sangson and coke. Then it all got a bit messy when a couple of the guys started throwing ice down at the street below and a hit someone who was walking past who then came up and started shouting at them. I had no part in it and was a little embarrassed to be associated with them. Me and Lydsy then went down to play diplomat and apologize on behalf of them and check that no-one was hurt. Then called it a night.

The next day after finishing my massage course I then went off to buy a new camera to replace my XP10 that no longer worked. At some point some sand had got inside so the button to take photo's was knackered so I decided to get the XP20 so that I had spares of all the chargers and batteries. It set me back 100 quid but it had to be done as I couldn't do the rest of my travels without being able to take photos. Then Me and Lyndsy watched lion king in the TV room of the dorm (well, I watched lion king, she chatted to another stripper from England and compared dance moves while I tried to concentrate on the movie!). Then I we went out to the riverside bar to watch some live music. Whilst watching the band and singing along we'd been joined by a mid 30's couple from Australia who we managed to convince to got to a karaoke bar with us. Lyndsy loves singing in public as much as I do, the only difference is that she has a fucking good voice and sings professionally on some R&B tracks! And that was pretty much the end of the night, the next day I was going to head to Laos so I didn't want to stay up too late. Unfortunately lyndsy was heading off to cambodia heading in the opposite direction to me so that was to be the end of that little romance.

My last day in Thailand was spent in a van backtracking the same route and places that I'd been on when I had to do my visa run 15 days prior. I was pretty chuffed with that as I'd slept the entire time the last time (which I talked about in a previous post). So I was the hot springs, which where pretty unimpressive, then saw the white temple which was bloody impressive (you can see my photo's I just put on facebook in the album 'thailand'). Inside the white temple is a massive painting showing images of materialism and commercialism at the bottom then as the painting gets higher it shows more and more peaceful images then at the top are images of Buddhism and Budda. Basically its showing how if you can renounce your dependence on modern crap you will have a more peaceful existence. I can't really do it justice explaining it here but the detail was amazing and it was a really cool way of showing Buddhism. Eventually we arrived at the little town where we where staying for the night before we where to cross the border to Laos the next day. There wasn't a whole lot to do there but I managed to organise a giant game of killer using a pool table at a near by bar which involved about 30 people! I quite like playing fun coordinator and bringing people together. I didn't stay up that late though and left everyone mingling. The next morning I was off to Laos. And I was really looking forward to it.... 

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