Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cambodia - Angkor Whaaaat?!?!?

Wow, I really am behind on my blog!

Ok, the journey to Cambodia was looooong and minging. Maren and Neel both had fevers, upset stomachs and suspected maleria so when we got to the hotel it was a Thermometer and medical jargon frenzy. The next day Neel went with Suzanne to the hospital to get a blood test as apparently final year trainee doctors don't take maleria medication when travelling through high risk countries! Fortunately the results didn't show any traces of maleria so Maren decided to chill in bed all day while the rest of us headed to the Angkor temples. We decided to spend 3 days looking at the temples as there are so many to see. So on day one we went to (I won't baffle you with the real names as you probably won't know them and I can't remember them!) the tomb raider one then the one with the faces carved into them. Then Neel went off to see Angkor Wat as he was off to Koh Tao in the morning. Got back home and played doctor to Maren for the evening and brought her bananas and snacks that would be easy on her stomach. Then I headed out to meet up with a friend from Chang Mai for a couple of jars. Which turned into a lot of whiskey and mosquito bites and being lost for over an hour!

The following day, Suzanne Kathrine and I went off to the temples to the east of Angkor to get some historical perspective. Not that impressive to be brutally honest but we still had a good laugh along the way. That evening Maren managed to muster up enough energy to head to the restaurant with us for some soup before heading back to bed. Meanwhile, Suzzane, Kathrine and I went off for a few jars, stopping in to get a fish pedicure (where the fish nibble on your feet - weird!) before going to Angkor what? bar for some beers. While we where there we saw these little kids dancing in front of the bar trying to get some money from the tourists. Didn't really know what to make of them, they seemed pretty happy dancing away and had some impressive moves, but at the same time it was pretty sad to see these kids out so late and having to walk the streets alone to get money. There was a lot more poverty in Cambodia than the other places I'd been to in SE asia.

The next day we chilled out and caught up with communication to the outside world and organized flights and transport for after cambodia. We had an early night as we planned to get up at 4am for the sunrise at Angkor wat.....

The big day. Got up early and Maren was feeling better. Still not 100% but a vast improvement. However Suzanne was now ill too so it was only me and Kathrine who where firing on all cylinders! Got to Angkor among the rest of the tourist and tried to find a good spot to watch the sunrise. I didn't bother trying to take any photos of the sunrise itself as my camera is pretty shite with limited light photos. Instead, when the sun was high enough I went town with photos with me and tiggs. Particularly chuffed with a couple of photo's Maren took of me doing my patented heel click and tiggs flying through the air. Then we explored the temple itself which was fairly cool. Had some sign based fun which always entertains me. After Angkor we went off to see the faces temple again as Maren hadn't seen it yet. Then we went of to the jigsaw puzzle one which had been re-built after some sort of historical thing had happened. Probably should have read some more on the background but meh. At this point Maren and Sue where really struggling so chilled in the shade while me and Kathrine went up the top of the temple. Then we went off to the Indiana Jones temple and got bombared by kids selling postcards. These kids where about 6 years old and constantly said "OK you buy, ten for one dollar" over and over again. They could also count from one to ten in German, French, English and cambodian which was bloody impressive!

Didn't go anywhere else in Cambodia so missed out on Sinokville, S21, Killing fields etc. But the alternative was to split up from Maren, and I really didn't want to do that!

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