Tuesday, 6 March 2012

4000 islands - Don Det

After a pretty non eventful sleeper bus to Don Det via Pakse I met up with the Germans as I got off the ferry. I looked around for a while for a cheap place to stay but in the end the cheapest place was at the same beach hut complex as the Germans where staying. The main issue was that I didn't have any money and there was no ATM on the island. The place was rife with rumors of an asian girl who had gone out swimming in the river the night before and not returned and apparently it was pretty much a certainty that she was dead. So here was kind of an weird mood around the place. We booked into a canoe trip for the next day and they'd charged me a little extra onto my card and given me some cash to spend which was cool as I didn't want to have to take a trip to the mainland to get cash out. Anyway, we all chilled on the beach for the afternoon and afterwards I sat and watched the sunset from my balcony with Maren and it was the best sunset and best moment of my travels. I think it was partly the simplicity of the setting, overlooking a perfectly still river, but mainly that Maren was there to share it that made it so good:

The next day (valentines day - tiggers birthday) we headed off for a day of canoeing and to see the dolphins native to the 4000 islands. The canoeing itself was ok, but really tiring. We also saw some pretty impressive waterfalls and even got a glimpse at the dolphins in the distance. It was a fun day but really tiring. That night we went out for a meal at a really nice restaurant run by an Aussie expat and the food was great. Played a bit of Uno with all the Germans then headed to the beach. I was in a weird mood because they where all heading off to Cambodia the next day and I was trying to decide whether or not to go with them. I'd wanted to meet up with Laura from Chang Mai who was also staying there but we hadn't managed to cross paths but just as I gave up trying to track her down I bumped into her on the beach and we had a catch up. I was running really low on money and trying to work out how I could live on the money i had left or if I should just head to Cambodia with the Germans. I felt like i'd only just got to Laos and hadn't really seen much of it but at the same time i wanted to hang out with Maren some more. So eventually I decided to crash the Germans party and come along with them to Cambodia.

And I'm really glad I did :-)

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