Friday, 3 February 2012

How to blog?

I had some feedback the other day that I feel deserves addressing.

I've made this blog to keep my friends and family back home informed and interested in my travels. The challenge I have is keeping everyone from closest mates to my extended family interested in everything I've been up to. So when I write this blog I try to censor out the really gory details of things that I wouldn't want my parents to know I've been up to, but at the same time not bore my mates who want to hear all the entertaining (and lets face it smutty) stories too. 

So this is my challenge, apologies if my blog is too centered around chasing women, but if this blog was simply "I went here, I did that, I learnt this" then you'd probably lose interest! And that's not to say that chasing women has been the main focus of my travels either, far from it. I've learnt a load of skills that I hope to use in the future, met some amazing people along the way and had some incredible experiences too (like the lap dancer with a SMOKING body I ruined the other night ;-))

So please do give me your feedback on how you want me to change/improve this as I'm not really doing this blog for me, it's for the people reading it :-)

Fuck these mosquitoes are annoying.


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  1. I like it the way it is, I want to hear a mixture of what you've been doing, the women/men you've slept with and funny stuff that has annoyed you. Keep it up.