Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chaing Mai - The cooking course

For some reason, I woke up in a bit of a grouchy mood. Perhaps it was the previous few days of chasing after girls with no pay off, perhaps it was exhaustion from the trek but I just didn't want to speak to anyone. I guess I was just sick of the same conversations, of meeting new people every day and having to tell them my name, where I was from, where I'd been, where I was going, what I did for a living blah blah blah. So I kinda put a bit of a fuck off expression on my face and kept quite for the morning of the course. I got picked up from the hostel by the really friendly owner of the farm and we headed to a nearby market to be shown how they make rice, coconut milk and a few other things. I was in the mood to learn stuff so I paid close attention and enjoyed the buzz of the market, I just didn't engage in small talk to any of the others in the group. We got to the farm which was situated a few miles outside of Chaing Mai itself and picked the food we wanted to cook. We all started off making paste for our curries and I insisted on putting around 5x as many chillies in mine than everyone else! (this still wasn't spicy enough!). I also took a bite out of the spiciest chilly in Thailand which the average pussy would probably cry on, but it merely tickled my rubber tongue. I'm pretty much immune to spice now! After we finished making the paste we took the ingredients over and cooked up the curry, pad thai and tom young soup. Then we sat and ate and tried each others cooking and then the owner guy said we could chill for a couple of hours before we made the rest of the food (to allow us to get hungry again). This was music to my ear and I was first out of my seat to make a bee line for the hammocks and grab some much needed sleep. When I woke up and walked back over the rest of the group who where sat chatting on the lawn I was a different person. The sleep had sorted me right out and I was blabbering away about all the places I'd been and telling stories about some of the adventures. There was an English golf pro who was there on his holiday who was a very likable landaaan geeeza a few other people and a couple of french girls, one of which had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. There was something about her that just screamed beauty and her accent was so hot. Anyway, we cooked the rest of our food, for most of the people it was spring rolls but I'd already cooked a million of them in Vietnam so I went for chicken steamed in banana leaf and for desert banana's cooked in coconut milk (luuuuush!). After we finished eating we chatted for a bit longer, the owner dude told us about his plans for expansion and we all headed back to town. When I got back Jam gave my hair a well needed chop with some clippers (for the fee of a bucket when we went out) and we planned where we where going to head that night.

I usually start a paragraph each new day but the events of the day where in such stark contrast to those of the night that they warrant and new section. First thing on the agenda was heading to the night market to pick up some meat for the evening. I flirted with Manny for a bit but to be honest I didn't really fancy her all that much. It's worth giving Jam a special mention at this point, she is the hottest Thai girl I've seen so far. 26, spoke ni-on perfect English and was really cool. She made my Chaing Mai experience (not like that) as she was so helpful and fun to be around. I didn't even fancy her, she was more like a cool sister to me and pretty soon she was like my accountant who I just gave money to without even questioning her as she was constantly arranging activities, buying cheap drinks from the bar and sorting out taxi rides for all of us. We had some pre drinks and a thai BBQ at the hostel first and I got chatting to Laura for a fair bit. I really fancied her from the word go, she was just so easy to talk to and so cute. We talked about loads of stuff, and she managed to be open enough for me to say anything I wanted to without it becoming seedey or smutty. We headed to the riverside bar along with a bunch of really cool Canadian guys and by that point I was a little pissed. Now the riverside bar is a pretty trendy bar designed for rice Asians and has live music every night. They usually have two bands, both of which where about 6 piece (lead, rhythm, bass, one female vocal, drums and keyboard) and both do covers of some of my favourite bands. They busted out hits from bravery, killers, coldplay, adele (the female vocals where on the nose every time) kooks etc and I was in heaven singing along to most songs and getting on really well with all the locals and the guys from the hostel. After the bands had finished we all headed to the main bar bit of chang mai and I bumped into the feisty asian aussie girl (Laura) from the trekking and her two dull mates (the sisters). Now I won't go into the graphic details on here, but I was up until 6am at the hotel with all 3 girls plus a couple of German guys (funny story for my bloke mates).... And I had to be up at 7am to do my Visa run the next day!

(for any one who isn't a maths genius that's 1 hours sleep)

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