Saturday, 28 January 2012

Back to Ko Panyang

Man I was pleased to see Dave! He'd come over to Thailand for a 3 week holiday with his sisters best mate Laura. I knew there was going to be some challenges ahead when he told me that he'd spent 200 pound on one night in Bangkok (I'd spent 20 pound!). The three of us met up with his mate, Joe, from Uni that was living and DJ'ing on the island and we all went back to his place. Joe is a bloody hero, he put the three of us up for about 4 nights and was a great host the entire time. That night we went into town to pick up some supplies and pre-drinks and my only acquisition was a sangson bucket and a bright pink ladies hat (for 'pea-cocking' at the party). We basically spent the next 3 nights getting pissed up Hat Ran beach! It's all a bit of a blur and the evenings have kind of blurred into one, but I'll try and remember what happened on each night.

Night 1:

Arrived at Hat Ran beach wearing my pink hat and felt like a boss. I didn't even need to approach girls with lines, they where coming up to me to strike up conversation about my hat!

The only downer of the night was that Joe's Thai girlfriend passed out on the dance floor and had to be carried to a near by hotel to be put in the recovery position. That sobered me up pretty damn quick as I thought she might die at one point - turns out she does this all the time!

Night 2:

Rocked the pink hat again but this time it was a lot less busy as it was the night after the full moon. Saw a bunch of french girls and said to Dave to come come over to me in 5 minutes and say "there you are, we've been looking for you". I then walked over to them and said "excuse me, have you seen my mates around here, I've lost them and I can't seem to find them anywhere". This was a pretty lame opener but it did the trick and according to "the game" it's best to demonstrate a time constraint so that the girl(s) doesn't think you're going to hang around with them all night and be stuck with them. I got on particularly well with the one that could speak the best English (not just because she spoke the best English, but also as she was the most confident of the bunch. The pink hat acted as a great conversation piece and I even managed to string together some french conversation to impress her. I went off with the cutest one to get to know here a bit better but the conversation was a bit strained and she was a bit too shy for my liking. I managed to get chatting with the confident one again, and after a while we managed to find a quite corner of the beach to take advantage of. The point of this story is not to gloat about getting laid on a beach (although that is a great side product) but state that when we finished our deed I looked over to see 5 Thai security guards watching us at it! Slightly embarrassed I put my clothes back on and fortunately they dispersed without locking my half naked ass up in a Thai jail for indecent exposure!

Night 3:

We all went to a local Kareoki bar for an hour or so then Dave and Laura got bored and rode off to the beach party. I decided I was shattered so headed back to the house to get an early night.

I'd put some stuff in about what we did in the day time but to be honest all we really did was ride around on mopeds and catch rays on the beach. I did have a particularly nice moment when I watched the sun go down on a completely empty beach and the clouds looked amazing. Can't really do it justice by describing it on here but it was truly beautiful.

The next day Laura, Dave and I decided we'd head to Ko Phi Phi to see what it had to offer... apparently not a lot!

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