Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chaing Mai - Dave and Pete dice with death

What do you get if you cross two nutters with 650cc sports bikes and some of the sickest roads in the world? Fucking good fun! Man, I wish some of the bikers reading this could try out these roads, they where siiiiick. I was rocking a 650 ninja (not the full sports version, the one that was basically Kawasakis version of my old bike) with Laura on the back and Dave was rocking an ER6 with his mate Laura on the back. Yes, I know, it's getting really confusing with all these Lauras! We started off by thrashing up the mountain hill up to the temple over looking Chaing mai and the corners where beautifully sweeping and had some crazy undulation. Of course we were in full safty gear and our insurance covered us totally for use of motorbikes :-S. As the two bikes approached each taxi truck crawling up the hill, full with asian tourists, they would scream and cheer as we approached like a couple of heros. Then as soon as there was a safe straight I'd drop it down a gear, Laura would clench even tighter on her drip around my waist and I'd tear past them to the chorus of cheering asians and the roar of the 650cc engine. Fuck it was pro. On the way down it was suitably more scary as the bikes would gather speed at a scary rate between each hairpin corner so I took it a wee bit more easy on the way down. Then we managed to find the ring road that connected the sections of Chaing Mai, which was two lanes wide, had traffic lights every so often and some 45 degree turns. So every set of traffic lights me and dave would rev the balls off the bikes, Dave's laura would scream with fear and as soon as the green light appeared I dropped the clutch, hammered the throttle and red lined every gear before letting off a bit for one of the corners, leaning into the racing line and accelerating through before the next set of traffic lights. There was some traffic, but as we where belting off each set of lights they where just a dot in the rear view by the time we got to any corners so it was basically a race track for the two bikes. then we stopped in at the lake and chilled for a bit before heading back for some mexican food. That night man city where playing tottenham and if defoe had scored the tap in from a metre out from bales cross in the 93rd minute they would have gone top of the league and I would have been bloody happy. As it happens, the cross from bale was just out of Defoe's reach, then city countered, gave away a penalty to a player who shouldn't have even been on the beach (man city's Ballatelli) and City won the game. I keep thinking that if that goal had just gone in, I would have been in a better mood and not left the club early that night pissing Laura off. That night jam was being a royal pain in the arse, she was really jealous of the fact that me and Laura where heading to Pai the next day and talking to each other most of the night and kept giving me a hard time for every thing I said or did. Then Dave's Laura annoyed me by 'joke' punching me in the nads (I fucking hate when women 'joke' hit blokes) so I rapidly went from having the greatest day to having a rather annoying and shitty night. As Dave had gone home early I asked Laura if she's look after Dave's Laura for the night as it was her last night in Chaing Mai. This. did. not. go. down. well. She then stayed out 'till 6am with her and I was royally in the dog house.

No sex for Pete that night!

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