Monday, 13 February 2012

Chiang Mai - The Trek.

I had a choice between spending about 50 quid for 48 hours worth of travel from phi phi to Chiang Mai or 80 quid to fly and get there in about 7 hours. No brainier really! I travelled with 3 Aussie girls who were heading in the same direction who were all pretty cool. Unfortunately on arrival at CM it became apparent that they had a much larger budget than me so they checked in to a fancy hotel with AC and wifi and I went to the more backpacker area in search for something budget. Managed to find a place called mojito that gave me a room for 150 baht (3 pounds) that was literally just a bed - but all I needed.

The next day I went for a 2 day trek starting early that morning. Got in the van and was greeted by these two loud Yorkshire lases that somewhat over zealously shouted 'who are you and where are you from then?' to which I replied 'really? It's like 8am guys, chill!' they where really cool though, one was 20 and had various tattoos around her body and the other was 29, stick thin, wearing a bright orange Ko panyang vest and had done loads of traveling so had plenty of cool stories to share. We stopped in at a butterfly farm on the way to the trek but there where litterelly no butterflys in there so that was a waste of time! When we arrived at the starting point we sat down to some rice and veg and got to know the group in a bit more depth. Other than the 2 yorkies, the notable charecters where an English couple couple and the guys was a huge black bloke that was one of the most friendly and likable people I've met, an annoying English muppet who was one of those stoner types that never really listens to what you're saying and feels the need to add pointless statments when someone is telling a story, 3 aussie girls (boring sisters and a really bublely asian girl called Laura, more on her later...) a spanish girl with a body an accent to die for and a few epically cool tour guides. The trek itself was pretty standard, walking up a big ass hill through trees and that and chatting to each other about where we'd been etc. We stopped in at a water fall and I watched the spanish girl for a bit bath in her bakini and nearly exploded in my pants. Then someone said to another person, rather loadly, "I think she's presenting" (off off nature programes and that) and I cracked up laughing. I got in there as quick as possible and stuck my head under and boy was it powerfull. Ice cold water smashing off my head felt amazing and was just what I needed having treked for the previous few hours in humid heat. We eventually got to the hill tribe and it stank of shit and there where chickens running around the place. Pretty much what I expected apart from the volley ball net with some locals playing kick ball over it (volley ball but with your feet). I joined in but was less usefull than the genuinely retarded guy there (bless him, think he had been dropped on his head as a baby or something) so I headed back to the hut to sink a couple of beers and watch the sun set. We told some jokes and I managed to pluck up the courage to tell my pilot joke to the big black guy (what do you call a black man flying a plane? A pilot you racist!) and he found it really funny (to my relief, the dude had done a fair bit of thai boxing in his life!) After a pretty impressive Massaman curry we all sat around the camp fire and busted out some classics. I kinda got carried away during dust in the wind as no-one knew the words so I sang it on my own and people stared suggesting I go for x factor (they must have been hammered!). Stayed up a bit longer and spoke to the main tour guide about the tribe, how they live off the land, how they make the food, and it was really interesting stuff. Only problem was that the English muppet kept asking retarded/disrespectfull/uncultured questions and contrabuting crap which was kinda wrecking the guides flow so I decided to hit the sack before I hit him!

The next morning the majority of the group started heading down the mountain for the second day of the treck. Unfortunately the cool black guy, his wife and the hot spanish girl where doing the 3 day trek so they went a seperate way but fortunetaly the muppet was also doing the 3 day so we got rid of him :-). I chatted to the skinny yorkshire lass for most of the day and flirted a bit at the next waterfall. Then we all rode elephants for an hour which was pretty cool. The guides let us ride on the elephants neck one at a time (as aposed to in the makshift platforms they where attached to) and they where pretty impressive animals. After that we dabled with white water rafting and as the group was split betweet two rafts we had a cracking water fight using the paddles between each boat :-). Then we had a bambo raft experience which was pretty chilled, until I got a bit A.D.D and started rocking the raft and nearly tipped it! we all exchanged contact details and agreed to meet at an italian resteraunt at 8pm that night. Turned out that the resteraunt didn't exist and the dosey yorkshire lass had read a sign that was simply the Thai word for Pizza! As it happened I ended up going out with Jam, the Thai hostel receptionist, her two thai mates and a couple of girls that where also staying at the hostel (Laura and Manny). Laura was a 23 year old blode from Brighton who had a cracking smile, really friendly and wonderfull fake tits. Manny was a pretty cool american journalist who got entirely too drunk and went from being a massive flirt with me to going kind of weird and quite! I was pretty shattered from the trek and as I had a cooking course early the next day I called it a night after a few drinks at the 'reggea club'. Bumped into the Yorkshire lass who appologise for fucking up the meeting plans, and to be fair the hour long power cut didn't help trying to meet either!

It was around this point that I fell in love with Chaing Mai and decided to extend my visa to stay a little longer....

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