Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chaing Mai - The Golden Triangle

So the Golden Triangle is where the Mekon Delta divides Laos, Burma and Thailand. Apperently it's a tourist attraction to see this as it has lots of history when it comes to trafficing Opium and that. On the way to this boat trip the bus stops in at some hot springs and the white temple in Northern Thailand but all of this was of absolute bollack all interest to me as I was shattered. I got in the bus at 7am looking like death, plonked myself down in the seat and slept the entire journey from Chain Mai to the Laos border and whilst all the other tourists stopped in to marvel at the Hot Springs and the White temple I slept on the back seat! fortunately I was to get another chance to see the White Temple at a later date but I wasn't to know that at the time. Anyway, did the gay little boat trip to Laos whilst being told all about history and that then eventually got to the Burma border to extend my visa for another 15 days and that all went fine. I even walked around the border town for about 20 minutes so that I could experience burma, but that was a pointless exercise as it was just some seedey dodgey shit heap. On the way back we stopped in at the Long Neck tribe to see that freak show and it was basically just a village shop selling tat, but all the sales reps had extended their necks with braclets for some wacky tradition. I'm sure there should be some cultural leason I should have gotten out of the experience but it litterally was just a sales visit and I learned nothing. On the bus back I managed to get some more sleep so by the time I got back to Chaing Mai I was actually fairly cherpy. I had been texting Jam on the way back and she had arranged a bowling trip for a few of the hostel guests so I figured that would be a pretty chilled way to manage my hangover. Wrong. Within a few minutes and some helpfull advise from these two Welsh guys called Conner and, balls I've forgot the other guys name, I got onto the beers and sangson buckets. Conner is bloody hillarious, he had me in stitches on numerous occasions, particulary during bowling. At one point he throw his ball down the lane, it went into the gutter and he shouted "Oh cunt" just as one of the songs had finished so everyone in the place heard. I laughed my ass off. Lillerz, it was just like that time in media studies when I said "shit'" just as the class randomely went quite or that time when someone started a sentance with "fuckinggggg" also just as the class went quite. I love it when stuff like that happens it always cracks me up. Anyway, we all bowled, I flirted with Laura (not the Aussie Laura from the night before, brighton Laura) and afterwards we all headed into town. Now you may have seen the pimp photo of me being touched up by 5 girls in club, that was taken that night. I felt like the biggest pimp in the club that night. After a bit more flirting with laura we eventually kissed then all went back to the hostel. I then discovered how much of a mission it is to have sex in a dorm with 8 people! We sneaked around between the bed, the bathroom, one of the tents, the TV room and had a bloody spiffing time :-).

And just to clarify, that's two Laura's in two nights. back of the net.

The next day started off brilliantly, we went down to a nearby cafe that had a burger called "The King" which was 500 grams of meat in two patties in one fucking big burger. If you finish this beast you get your photo taken and put on the wall of fame. So if you're heading to Chaing Mai you can see my pretty face on the wall of one of the resteraunts :-). After that Laura and Manny where both feeling a little under the weather so decided to chill while me, the welsh guys and a couple of non descript new arrivals to the hostel headed to the lake for a day of chilling. me and conner rented tubes for a pound and floated in the lake for a couple of hours whilst the sun set then we headed back to the shore to join the others, play some tunes out of my ipod and speakers and chilled till the lake closed to the public. Then we all headed back to town, had some local food from the street market and I have Laura a massage with a happy ending. We decided on an early night, but conner was cracking me up for about an hour and we where giggling like a couple of giddy school boys much to Manny's annoyance who was trying to sleep!

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