Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Years on Ko Panyang

Got to Ko Panyang with no-where to stay. People where saying that there was 100,000 people expected to be at the full moon party so I was hoping to somehow wing it and get somewhere to stay. I asked at a few places on the other side of the island (hat Yao) but everywhere was fully booked. Just as I was running out of options, I walked into a travel agents and asked if they knew of anywhere and a woman there told me she has one room available for 2000 baht (40 quid - bear in mind that I'd been paying between 2-10 pounds on accommodation until then) and asked me if I had any friends I could share the cost of the room with. I replied with "no I'm here on my.... hold on.... . Jordan?" I looked over to see the two Canadian girls I'd met in Vietnam, Jordan and Lea sat at the internet cafe! I asked if it was OK to crash on their floor and give them some money towards the room and they where happy to accommodate me (as they where both pretty hot I thought this was win win!). So the three of us went off to the room and that night we all went out to see a thai boxing match at a nearby ring. I played it like a boss, at first I was betting Jordan (the more bubbly and talkative of the two) 10 baht a fight predicting the winner. Then as the evening went on (and we both got a little tipsie on buckets) I proposed that if my fighter won she had to give me a kiss and if my fighter won I would have to kiss her (I know right?!?!) To my delight and surprise she agreed to the arrangement and at first I was just kissing her on the cheek and vise versa. Then on the final fight, which my fighter won, she went to kiss me on the cheek and I turned my head at the last minutes and she kissed me on the mouth :-). That night, Lea went to bed pretty early and the two of us stayed up chatting for a while then we wondered down to the beach to fool around for a while (DNC).

Next day we slobbed around on the beach all day and picked out some groovy bright clothes in preparation for the new years party that night. I was really not looking forward to it as I expected it to be a cock and vomit fest   (lots of drunk aggressive blokes and people being sick) but it was actually really good fun. Literally within 10 seconds of getting onto Hat Ran beach itself (the party beach where all the full moon partys are held) I'd lost the Canadians and as neither of them had a phone I didn't waste a minute trying to find them. Met up with Debz and Loaf at the big new years banner and spent a good hour photo bombing groups of people. If you've never heard of photo bombing (although I'm pretty sure I've talked about it before on here) it's the process of jumping into the background of a strangers photo and pulling a silly pose/face. It's pretty much my favorite game while travelling! So after we got done with that I went off to get a shitty england flag done on my arm for 50 baht (it was proper rubbish!) then the three of us went off exploring. Before long we where talking with a couple of dutch girls, one of which was really hot (blonde) and the other was ok (brunette). I put some ground work into the hot one then the other one was all over me like a rash. I actually (with approval from both of them) kissed the brunette, then kissed the blonde, then watched the two of them kiss, then we all kissed together. I felt like a porn star. Unfortunately this story doesn't have a 'happy ending' as although the brunette had her hand down my shorts for most of the evening we had no-where to go as she'd lost the key to her dorm and I was staying on the floor of the Canadian girls! Then to make matters worse, I lost the brunette and spent about 2 hours trying to find her with the blonde only to be told that she had the dorm key the whole time. Man I was pissed at her! I decided to cut my losses at 4am, jumped in a taxi and headed back to the room.

On balance, my new years cost me about 10 pounds and I pulled two two girls at the same time. Can't really complain! 

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