Saturday, 1 October 2011

Final days of Bahrain

Let's play catch up! Ash's internet went down for the last couple of days so I haven't been able to post so I'm catching up on a rather eventful week's worth of blogging. I actually spent an hour last night writing a blog only to click the wrong button and lose it all! Ok, where was I?

Hectic day, got CJ to drive me to the Souq market which is a district of Bahrain that the Indian community pretty much owns. Got a pair of genuine Oakley sunglasses for 4 quid and managed to lose them within 24 hours. I've decided I can't be trusted with sunglasses on watches (sorry Cathy :-( ) as I just lose them. Also picked up an Arabian Thobe and Dish dash for tiggs which looks bloody hilarious:

Got a bit lost looking around the Souq and it was hard work but really good practice for India.

Went to american Alley (a street which has all american chain restaurant like KFC, MacDonalds etc) and rented a car for the day for 20 quid. Red 207cc which for those of you who don't know cars is a nippy little twin top. Took great pleasure in pulling up at the lights and popping the electric roof open in front of all the locals. Within 5 minutes I immediately regretted doing so as it was hotter than Satan's balls so pulled over to get the AC going.  Went to the Tree of life which is apparently a big Muslim symbol. What a cope out, it was just a tree in the middle of the desert! Met a a really cool american couple and went in convoy to the BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) to take some pics and look around. Looked at times and prices of the go carting (which is a to scale replica of the F1 circuit!) and we went back later in the week. After that I parted ways with the Americans and went to meet Tom to go to the Fort. Tom thought it was a good idea to cut across this sand track and I fully beached the 207 and had to get a helpful passing Arab dude to tow me out. I was not happy with Tom! After that I met up with Ash and Loaf at the rugby club to play football with them in an 8 a side friendly game. I scored our only goal in a 6-1 drubbing so I was gloating about being their top goal scorer for the season (as it was their first game of the season).

Got up early and CJ drove me to the airport to go to Dubai for the day. When I arrived at the airport I went strait to the Mall of the Emirates and tucked int some Mongolian food (lush). After that I went skiing for a couple of hours at the in door ski slope attached to the mall. Then I took the metro to the Burj Khalifa (the biggest building in the world) and took some pretty sweet photo's from the 124th floor (with Tiggs of course!) After that I basically just killed a few hours before my flight was due to go by walking around the mall and seeing the pretty fishy's at the aquarium and the water fall.

Played xbox. Come on, after the previous 3 days I'd earned a rest!

Last day in Bahrain. Met up with the American couple and they drove us all to the water park for the day. As it was a week day the place was practically empty so we didn't have to queue for any of the slides. The park itself was pro, loads of different slides with 1up, 2up and 3up rings depending on the slide. One of them was actually shit scary it was so fast and it takes a fair amount to scare me these days after riding motorbikes at silly speeds and jumping out of planes! After that we did a few laps of the go carting track at the BIC and I beat ash's best lap by a second. Granted I was only 6th fastest but lots of the local's where doing sneaky little tricks to get faster (like running over the bumps to keep speed through the exit of the corners). That night we all went to see the Gypsy Kings perform at JJ's which was really cool. They're the guys who sing that "one more radio" song that you would have heard. Me and debz rocked some pretty crazy Latino shapes and I sort of smacked her in the face whilst attempting a pirouette! I'll write about India in a bit, but for now I need to visit the golden throne... wish me luck!

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