Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Goa, Goa, Gone!

Sup fan base! This entry lacks any trace of class/culture (not that my other have any!) and is basically like an episode of Geordie Shores. With that in mind, read at your own risk!

Been living it up in Goa for the last 9 days and frankly I'm ready to move on. I won't give you the usual day by day breakdown as I really haven't done any thing exciting enough to warrant it! Mostly I've been partying on Tito road (which is the party capital of Baga, where I'm staying) and spending that majority of my time at this killer bar/club called Cape Town. I've met some pretty awesome people here in the evenings but the day times have been a bit dull. The Majority of people here (i'd say 90%) are either Indian's on holiday or Russians. English speaking people are hard to come by but the advantage is that they're all really pleased to meet each other as we're sick of Russians! The Russians are ok, but they can't really speak much English so it makes conversations basic and frustrating.

The first few days I spent here where slightly out of town and I met up with Some English people who were staying in Anjuna (down the road from Baga) so I took my scooter (shorts and T-shirt only!) there and spent the night out with those lot. We had a pretty cool night at this resteraunt on the beach and had some pretty impressive seafood. After that we went on to this Trance rave and throw some shapes. The Essex girl I was after was all over this other guy (who was far better looking than me!) so it was a choice between the fat girl who was flirting with me and bed. I elected the latter option!

A few days later I moved hostel to a place really near to Tito's road (the party strip) and met some Ukraine girls who were well into their yoga. They were waking up at 5am and doing yoga on the beach so I met with them and they showed me some moves. One of them was 27 and had a slamming body, spoke really good English but I think she may have been carpet munching with the other one as she didn't seem that interested in me (Surely if she wasn't interested in me she was a lesbian?!). Anyway they convinced me to end my wicked ways, renounce alcohol and get fit for the Kungfu camp.

That lasted all of a day before I got bored, knocked back some whiskey and headed down to Cape Town! Watched some football and met this cracking bloke called Billy, a 60 year old 3 times divorcee who was the life and soul of every bar he went to! He was the ultimate wing man, he had the balls to go and chat with any group of girls then introduce me and as he was faithfully married to his wife back home (and 60 of course!) I could take over from there! Met loads of cool people that night and spent the majority of the night chatting up this tidy Russian girl who looked a bit like that bird from 'In Bruges' until one of her country men muscled in and took over. Frankly we were running out of things to talk about anyway as her grasp of the English language only went so far! Chatted to a few other girls that night; an actress from Reading who was doing some bollywood films over here, a couple of girls from Norway who are really cute (and coincidentally say next to me now!) and a mixed crowd from walse/liverpool/Holland/Germany who were here on some organized trip.

The next day I chilled on the beach all day, got a bit cooked then went back to Cape Town to watch the rather key Manchester Derby. I was cheering on Manu as Billy (the old guy) was so that wasn't a great result! A cracking match though. After that Billy and I headed to this place he knew (he goes to Goa 2 or 3 times a year!) and had, I shit you not, the best steak of my life. I've eaten at a top Steak restaurant in London that charges a small fortune for their steak and it wasn't as good as this 3 quid fillet steak! That night I hooked up with one of the Welsh girls from the organized crowd and went back to mine for some desert!

Yesterday I had a rather eventful evening but I won't divulge that just yet. I need to go through the correct channels before I publicly make an announcement!

Right, off to China soon, the next 5 nights will be spent in Goa, then Mumbai, then Singapore, then HongKong then Guangzhou so I've got a busy week coming up, Looking forward to getting to the Kungfu camp and doing something a bit more interesting/rewarding.  


  1. I switched my subscription from ESPN to Skysports 2... To be honest, there's much more football on Skysports 2 and I should have made the move months ago.

  2. By the way, I have no idea how to view any photo's you're uploading.