Friday, 14 October 2011



This shouldn't take long to write as Judpur was a bit of a dump. We arrived pretty tired and grouchy, walked around for a bit then went back to the hostel. Same old shit in the markets, annoying salesmen trying to flog shit. I was craving meat so Wade and I grabbed a tuk tuk to 'chicken corner'. The food was amazing but all the locals there where staring at us the entire time and one Indian dude sat opposite Wade was winking and blowing kisses at his which weirded him out big time! I'm starting to think that Wade is a bit of a batty magnet! Maybe they just like his rugged surfer hair. Maybe he just looks like a bumder! Who knows!


Wad got proper ill from the chicken the night before and was wretching most of the day. I met up with some Aussie girls who where pretty cute and we agreed to go to the Fort together. Wade bless him soldiered through and walked around the fort with us but kept having to visit the gents. The tour itself was pretty interesting and the audio guide was in good English. Then we went bak to town and had an omlete from The omlete man which was off the hook (very good) and a lassi from a recommended place. Then we went back to the fort and did a flying fox ( which was absolutely amazing. Proper long zip wires (I'll upload the videos and pics at some point) and cracking views. I'm off to treat myself to a macdonalds now so I'll write about the Camel safari e did in Jaisalmere another time. By the way, I'm now in Jaipur.

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  1. Sounds like you're having an awesome time mate. Keep up the blog work, it's a good read and I'm jealous. See yoiu soon x