Friday, 21 October 2011


Arrived in Jaipur and for once didn’t have any issues with picking a place to stay. We had been recommended this place called Yogi’s by Beth and Ross (who we met in Udaipur) which was a cracking little place. First thing we did was head to Macdonalds for some well earned junk food! Then we went off to the local fort and then to this gay little astronomy museum thing but by that stage I was too tired and hot to take in any more culture. Went back to the hostel and chilled for a while before heading out to the biggest cinema in India to watch Rascals. Wade stayed back at the hotel as he was still ill. Only watched half of it as it was the biggest pile of corney shit I’ve ever seen (plus I didn’t understand what they were saying!). Bollywood movies are so weird, they have some lose plot intermingled with MTV music videos like a modern musical. All the acting was massively over the top and all the people in the cinema get well into the film (woop and cheer at their favorite actors).

The girls went off to this other fort outside of town that had some monkeys and stuff. Wade and I couldn’t be arsed so chilled all day and watched into the wild and slumdog and booked our bus to Agra for the next day. Stocked up on Val again and this time bought 50 tablets for less than I bought 10 at the last place! The girls arrived back with a couple of Indian guys in the Tuk tuk and they were desperately trying to get rid of them (they had been trying their luck with them all day) so Wade and I pretended to be their boyfriends. One of them Semi jokingly squared up to me and told me that he was her boyfriend not me so I brushed him to one side (these Indians are pussies when it comes to it!) put my arm around Nic and walked her into the hotel like a boss (although that still didn’t help my chances!) That night we chilled on the roof of the hotel and drank some beers.

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