Saturday, 24 September 2011

This is getting expensive!

Damage report:

Watch - MIA
Sunglasses - Broke
Backup Sunglasses - MIA
Bank Balance - Depleted
Liver - Hanging on by a thread

So what hav I been up to the last few days since my last post? We were supposed to go to the Souq Market on Wednesday but Debz was too ill. So instead I Basked in the sun all day and planned out my road trip for next week. In the Evening we went to the pub quiz that Kate (Ashley's fiance) hoasts every week for work. Stupidly I left my watch on the table so that's the end of that. Pretty gutted as it was a nice watch but I suppose if I lost it within the first 2 weeks of travelling it was always doomed.

Thursday was by far my most fun day yet. Kate and I went to the coral beach club which is a really nice seaside members club. They've got a bar by the pool that you can swim up to that do some bad ass coctails called bull frogs.

 Couple of bull frogs later and I was pretty cooked so I decided to take a jet ski out for half an hour. Jesus balls those things are fun (I put a video on FB if you're interested). My backup sunnies (ash stood on the first pair!) ended up in the sea when I fell off! Still, riding that jet ski was the most fun I've had yet so no regrets. That night we went to this pool bar and topped up the old alcohol blood level. After that it was on to JJ's (an Irish bar) where we threw some shapes and had a quality evening. Got to bed about 4am and the following day we were booked into brunch....

Friday, woke up feeling (and probably looking) like hammered shit. We headed to the brunch which is basically 40 quid for all you can eat and all you can drink. Champagne, beer, cocktails and some very good food accompanied by pretty good live music. The only down side was one of the guys we were with (Ash and Loaf's mate) was a bit of a dick. One of those rugby types that rips the piss out of everyone but not in a funny clever way, just annoying. We went back to the flat and busted out some rock band for the rest of the evening. Annoying rugby guy was sick in the toilet then passed out on the sofa (ideal).

And there we have it. Sat watching Dexter with Ash and Kate (i've moved in over here now so as to share out the time spent with each of the couples). Not sure what we're up to tonight, might head out and watch the manu game later.

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