Friday, 21 October 2011


Fuck me I'm behind on these blogs! Been doing a lot of traveling around recently and this is the first time in a while I've been on my own.

Arrived in Jaisalmere and met up with the two Aussie girls we met in Judpur (Duke and Nick). Duke’s real name is actually Julie but for some reason I couldn’t seem to ever remember it and could only remember the name of her dog! Anyway, the four of us met up and spent about 4 hour deciding what Camel safari we wanted to do (Jaisalmere is located on the west coast of India and is surrounded by desert). We eventually went with this pretty seedy looking outfit as Wade liked the guy there. The girls weren’t overly happy about the choice but as one of the people we were doing the safari with said “you either buy shit here or shit there, it’s all just the same shit!”. After a somewhat stressed and heated few hours we headed to the fort to grab some dinner and chill out. I decided to buy this heap of shit Indian Guitar thing (not a sitair, some other shoudy pile of wank) as I figured we could have a sing along in the desert (it seemed pretty simple to play). Anyway piece of shit guitar thing in hand we headed up to this resteruant that overlooked Jaisalmere and kicked back and ordered some beers to unwind. The chef came over and promided that his Thali was the best in India. Turns out he was right! It was absolutely gorgous and we had a really nice evening listening to tunes and chatting. I was trying to bust some moves on Nic as she was insanely cute but I’ll save you the suspence and having spent a week with the girls DNC’d (did not close).

Woke up early doors and headed off in our jeep to the camels. I asked the dude what my camel was called and he told me it was called camel. Not sure if that was a language thing or what but it amused me. Off we went (me, Wade, Duke, Nic and this other couple) on our camels with the dune coons leading us along. They stopped every now and again to pick wild melons from the ground to give to us which was pretty cool. After a while we stopped for some veggy currie and chapattis which the camel jockey’s made from scratch. The women in the couple was mildly cretonnes as she’d done a bit of travelling so was giving me patronizing advise on places they’d been etc. She was a personal trainer so had all these cookey ideas about what was safe and what wasn’t. Having given me a lecture about eating street food and swimming in Udaiper lake she then went on to say that she hadn’t taken any vaccines or malaria medication which I thought was pretty fucked up. After lunch we carried on trucking away on the camels and stopped in at a little village and bought some cokes from the kids there (which after a full day trecking in the desert was bliss!). Eventually we arrived at the dunes and the sand bandits set about cooking up some grub (which was pretty shite to be honest!). Took some sunset and safari style photos and I tried to meditate for a bit before getting narked off with the flies harassing me! Me and the girls popped a couple of valium (which is readily available in India everywhere!) and nailed some whiskey.
We spent the night cuddled up together and woke up the following to some to some breaky cooked up by the sand people. Off we went again on the camels and stopped in at this little school in the middle of the desert to play with the kids there. The little blighters where so sweet but kept asking for money and school pens. We had a good joke around with them and taught them how to give high fives! That was pretty much the last stop on the safari so we went back to the town via jeep, had a shower and off we went via coach to Judpur.

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