Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bali and Gili

Headed back to bali for the third time! By this point it was basically a group of 4 of us:

Wayne: a 40 year old guy from Boston, US who was an absolute hero. Acted like he was in his 20s and looked like he was in his early thirtys.
Moniek: a 20 year old girl from new zealand, nice girl, funny but kind of reserved
Cathy: Monieks mate from back home, a tad more adventurous, but not a lot!

We made for a pretty weird group on paper, but our contrast made for an interesting dynamic. So anyway, we arrived in Bali and all the cheap hostels where booked due to it being st patrics day. It was raining and we had spent about an hour walking between places to find somewhere to stay before wayne decided to just throw money at it and pay for all of us to stay in a really nice hotel with AC, hot water, breakfast, nice rooms etc. He said that he travells really cheap and bargains for everything but every now and again he treats himself and just slaps it on his credit card! Legand. We headed out to get a crunk on but it was far too late by that point so the evening wasn´t really that eventfull.

The following morning the fearless four headed off to gili. Now in order to get from Kuta (bali) to the gili islands you have to the north side of the island, grab a slow boat to Sulawasi, then get a bus to the port then another boat to the gili islands. In total this process takes about 15 hours and costs around 10 dollars. However for 20 dollars you can get a fast boat from gili to bali that takes an hour! But we were on a budget so we went for the cheap slow option to get there. This was good fun I supose and charecter building negotiating for all the different transports. On arrival in Sullawasi we negotiated a really good package deal for a nights stay in the town + boat to Gili T + a scuba dive + a fast boat with transfer back to bali when we were done. So we headed out for some food and then hit a live music spot where I butchered Always by Bon Jovi. Once again, a song that I thought would be good but bloody difficult to sing!

Next morning we headed off to Gili T and Wayne managed to find a bloody nice hotel room for us two while the girls slummed it! The place he´d found had a double bed for him and a single for me so he said I could just pay him 10 dollars, which would have got me a shit hole on the island, and take the single. Now Gili T is amazing. I can´t really emphasise this enough! There are absolutely no motorised vehicles on the island so everyone just walks or goes via horse and carrage! The first night we headed out to a live music spot that was doing some cracking covers. I was kind of over singing at this point so kept my head down. We did get proper smashed though! Every night we headed to the fresh food market where you picked your meat that you wanted cooked on the BBQ and paid about 5 dollars for some of the freshest, tastiest fish you´ll ever put in your mouth. Fucking gorgous!

The next morning the four of us headed off to do our scuba dives. Wayne and I had open water qualifications so the girls have a quick crash corse in the basics before joining us on the second dive under constant supervision. The dives where pro, we saw some huge turtles and rode a really quick tide drift that was good fun to mess around in. After the dives we took a wonder down the beach and managed to buy some mushrooms from a bar along the way. The four of us headed back to the room, ate the shrooms then wondered off to the pub pleasently cooked. That night we headed back to the same bar and I got chatting to a really hot norweigen girl before we all headed to a club to throw some shapes, then back to the hotel room to complete the perfect day ;-). Next morning we woke up pretty hung over and spent the day pottering around not doing much. By this point wayne and I were hanging hard and were both pretty sleep deprived. That evening we went back to the same bar but everyone was suffering so I called it a night pretty early. The following morning I found out from wayne that he´d been playing mouth tennis with the 19 year old norweigen girl (litterally half his age!) I´d hooked up with the night before then gone off to a empty boat to close only to be interupted by the arrival of some creepy old man who followed them into the boat! Weird! So he´d only got to bed at 6am and we had to catch the fast boat at 12 so he was really shattered by this point, but I was relativaly fresh. Grabbed the best Nasi Gorang I´d ever had for breakfast (The food on gili was soooooo good) then off we went to the boat. Wayne, bless him, was suffering and I really thought he was going to hurl on the boat! Arrived back at bali and hung out with a couple of polish girls from Bromo before heading off to the airport for my flight to Aus......

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