Saturday, 26 May 2012

Gettin' ma Pucon!

Pucon is kind of like a ski resort in the alpes, quiet streets, friendly people and pretty damn cold! I loved it there. I'd taken a bus down from Santiago with the australian girl, Dash, and it was a pretty unconfortable ride. It was a sleeper bus but I didn't get a whole lot of sleep as I was only in Semi Kama class where the seats only go back about 45 degrees. For the full 90 degrees you need to splash out on the full kama which I've heard is well worth the extra splosh. I figured I should crack straight on the the activities so after a couple of hours sleep in the massive tent in the back garden I went off hydrospeeding. Hydrospeed is difficult to explain, but if you have a look at this: it should explain. It's basically where you lay face first in a foam surfboard and go down rapids that you would normally go down in an inflatable raft. There was 17 of us in the group, 16 israilies and me! They were all super nice (been hanging around with a canadian too long!) and kept making sure I was included in their conversations during the day. There was a couple of moments when I felt like i was going to die, especially as it was such a large group that we kept ramming into each other. It was like hurding cats most of the time! All in all though it was ridonculously fun and I'd highly recomend it.

The next couple of days were mainly spent watching the champions league quarter finals down the pub with Kate, Dan (both canadian) and a sweedish guy called Jonas. I enjoyed explaining the rules to the canadians and telling them about some of the funnier side of football (EG mario bibatelli, why everyone hates Ashley cole, the waste of money that is fernando torres etc). The evenings were largely spent getting shit canned on closs, which is really nice and really cheap boxed merlot wine. Love that stuff. Oh, and playing lots of card based drinking games :-)

One of the days Jonas and I headed to the hot springs which was pretty nice. We decided to go independently rather than via a tour from the hostel which saved us half the price. This was on advise from kate, who has helped me save a small fortune over the last couple of weeks by not going through hostels and hitch hiking rather than paying for busses. It wasn't the best hot springs I've been to, but as it was the first I really liked it! Got chatting to a few local women who were there and within the space of 10 minutes I spoke in German, French, Spanish and English! Pretty proud of that! Oh, and speaking of languages I managed to tell a joke in French to one of the french guys staying at the hostel, the one about 3 sausages in a frying pan.

My penaltimate day in Pucon was spent walking to a waterfall outside of town. I was under the impression that it was only a half an hour walk to get there, it took about 3 hours! This wouldn't normally matter except I'd promised a skype date with Maren which I ended up missing :-(. Anyway, me and my gang of engish backpackers trecked off to find this waterfall, and on the way we aquired a dog. Then another couple of dogs. Then 3 more dogs. pretty soon we had a pack of about 8 dogs escorting us down the road, barking at all the other dogs and chasing after the cars that drove past. It was mental. At one point it got really heated and broke out into a fight and one of the dogs got half it's ear bitten off which was gross! By the time we got to the side road to walk up the hill we had managed to lose all but 3 of the dogs, and despite our best efforts in trying to scare off the remaining ones we couldn't shake them so we let them come along. On arrival at the water fall I was pretty damn impressed. There's something really hipnotic and peacefull about staring at a waterfall. Then we made our way up to the top to peak over the edge which sent tingles of fear down my body. The English guys were bricking it but I was explaining that they were simply over sensertised by western bubble wrap and told them to man up and rock it asian style! That night we had a fairly chilled evening and Kate and I did some prep for our planned hitch hike up north the next day.....

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