Sunday, 22 April 2012


On the journey to Bromo it was another pretty pretty empty bus ride. The driver was fucking mental and scaring the shit out of all the people on board, which in a funny way united us more. The only people I remember being on the bus was a couple of argentinians and an American guy. The American guy was called Wade, he was 40 and had done a fair bit of travelling in his time. I wasn´t sure if I was going to get on with him as typically Americans tend to be hard work and also he did that annoying pigeon English thing where by a native english speaker speaks to someone who doesn´t have english as their first language with bad grammer. so instead of saying ´´where have you been travelling" he would say "where you go travelling before?". It does my head in as it´s embarressing, patronising and doesn't help them learn. Anyway, he turned out to be an absolute hero and we had a really great chat on the way to the volcano.

On arrival at Bromo we checked into the hostel we were to be staying at, and the argentine couple were in one room and me and Wade were next door. I was shattered and not really hungry so while Wade went off to get some dinner (this was at about 9 o'clock) i'd popped a valium, put my ear plugs in and went to bed. The door to the room didn't shut unless it was locked from the outside or the inside but as wade was only going out for 20 minutes I told him to knock on the door when he got back and I'd let him in. So 20 minutes passes, wade gets back to the hotel room and knocks on the door. no answer. so he knocks again. no answer. then he pushes the door open a jar and shouts at the top of his voice. no answer. so he gets the hotel manager to go into the room behind ours and whilst he banged on the wall next to my head wade banged on the door. no answer. I was stone cold asleep and there was no waking me! which was a problem for poor wade as we had to be up at 5am the next morning to see the sun rise over bromo! I woke up at about 4am, looked over and wade's bed was empty. I was worried that he might have got lost or something on the way back and the thought didn't even cross my mind that I might have slept through his attempts to wake me. I wondered through to the lounge area to find wade drinking with a couple of polish girls and a couple of guys. they were pretty drunk and making a tonne of noise. fortunately wade wasn't annoyed about the fact that i'd locked him out of our room as he thought he was in with one of the polish girls. he wasn't! So instead of going to sleep, the 4 of them had decided to pull an all nighter and get battered on cheap polish whiskey. Seemed like a good idea at the time. every hour or so a different guest would pop their head out and tell us to keep the noise down, but unfortunately they were just too drunk so kept getting louder and louder. Then someone busted out the twister board so shit got real! I was pretty sober so I was spinning whislt the other guys where doing the bending and flexing. It was hillarious to watch! One of the guys was definately gay, the other was difficult to tell. So a couple of hours passed and then we decided to walk up to the viewing platform to see the sunrise over bromo. It was stupidly cold but fortunately the polish girls were happy to cuddle up whilst we waited for the sunrise. not that there was any sun to see though! Then on the walk back the gay guy was complaining about being tired, and he was supposed to be doing Mt Everest in a couple of months! The funny thing about the walk home was that 4 days later wade and I were on a bus ride and a couple of guys sat in the seats directly behind us were talking about a noisey rabble that had stayed in the same hostel as them before bromo, that they'd seen looking sorry for themselves walking back from the view point. They reffered to us as the ´'bromo walk of shame" which I found hillarious! So wade turned around and apologised to them and we all had a laugh about the situation. The walls must have been really thin as they heard everything that the drunken rabble were saying so they were like "so who was the gay guy?" and "who was the guy who hadn't had any in 6 months" and "who was the mupped to who locked his room mate out of the room"!

basically bromo would have been a really disapointing spectical as the weather had been so crap. But alcohol and a complete lack of sleep managed to make for a great time a a good story to tell. 

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