Friday, 18 May 2012

Chile Part 1 - Santiago

Arrived in Santiago off the back of probably the most enjoyable flight in the history of avionics. Really cool lady sat next to me who taught me a couple of spanish phrases, great food, couple of new films and a good 8 hours solid sleep after a few whiskeys. So I arrived in Santiago feeling pretty fresh and grabbed a bus to the center of town. I immediately realized that I should have learnt more spanish before I got here as I couldn't ask the bus driver where he was going! It turned out ok as he arrived pretty much in the middle of the hostel area recommended by Lonely Planet (LP). I decided to aim for the first hostel recommended by the LP as that's where I figured I'd find a few fellow backpackers to make friends with. The people there where cool but couldn't really speak any English so there was some awkward language issues. I got chatting to an Aussie girl who had been in South America for a couple of months and she seemed like a cool girl to hang around with, so when she said she was going to head south I figured I'd tag along for the ride! It was coming into winter so I figured it was best to see the south before it got too cold.

That night there was a fancy dress themed party at the hostel to celebrate the owners 30th birthday. The aussie girl was being unsociable as she was feeling a bit ill so I made my way down stairs and got chatting to a couple of English guys, one was a guy who was here studying and researching, the other was a fat manchester guy who was as impossible to understand as the spanish speaking people! Especially when he got progressively more drunk! So I decided not to have a massive night and went to bed at a reasonable hour.

The following morning me and the Aussie girl took a walk around the town to find a laundrette. Fail. Nothing was open and we just walked around in the baking heat all night! That night I just chilled in the hostel, cooked up some steak and watched the human centerpeed 2. Which is mental.

Ok, just a short entry for now as there's a queue of people waiting to use the computers in the hostel here in Bueneos Aires.

More to follow.......

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