Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nearly time!

Right, 4 sleeps to go!

It's my last day at work today so that's a bit sad. Gunna miss the banta and especially my chineham lunch crew. Have to give my phone back which is a ball ache as I'll have to go the next couple of days without it. It'll be like being 10 again when I have to use the house phone.

Hopefully selling my car this evening, which is the final big hurdle. Jabs all done, got my anti malarials, got my visas, got some currencies, got all my equiptment (midge net, torch, swiss army knife etc) and I'm booked in to a hostel in mumbai. Can't wait to get to bahrain and see Debz and Ash's smiley faces. Gunna get properly ruined I'm sure!

That's enough for one entry I think, suffice to say I'm bricking it and really excited. Hopefully I won't get bombed in india as it's kicking off a bit over there......

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  1. Wow, what an amazing trip you have planned! I hope you have an incredible time. Take care!! Looking forward to your blog posts. :)