Tuesday, 20 September 2011

We bomb the mosque...

Finally made it to the grand mosque today. There's no point in talking about the last couple of days as I've done sweet FA except play xbox! My excuse on sunday was that everyone was at work so I could play with the guys back home and my excuse yesterday was that Ash pulled a sicky after we went out and got hammered on Sunday night! Food update: Loaf has cooked diner the last couple of days and that boy has some skillz on him! Shepards pie yesterday and spicy cajan burger with a hash brown, cheese and bacon ala (no pun intended) KFC.... but better!

So yeah, went to the mosque today which was actually probably the best thing I've done so far. The chap who was giving me the tour was really friendly and talked in great depth about Islam and the history of the Qur'an. I didn't realise how many cross overs there were with Christianity and it was impressive to hear how much emphasis there is on peace and harmony and respecting others despite their own religious beliefs (dispite what the media would have us believe). I don't think I mentioned it earlier in my blog, but when I was on the flight over here I spoke to a local chap and asked him how I should act to get on with the locals to which he replied "Respect yourself and others will respect you". In hindsight I can see now that this philosophy is carried through from Islam. For the record, this isn't me finding god, but simply learning to respect a somewhat misunderstood group. Also managed to get a cheeky little photo of Tiggs in the mosque:

Interesting fact of the day, the TV channels out here have a very particular sensoring policy. They'll happily broadcast Horrifically violent films in the middle of the day but they always sensor out any sexual swear words. So F's and C's don't fly but any other swears (eg shit) are fair game any time of the day. Better still, they sensor out the word 'pork' so if you're watching masterchef they'll say "today I'm cooking sweet and sour ...... with rice"!

Right, gunna watch the end of dog soldiers, even though it's shite.

Asalamalakum bitches.

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