Saturday, 17 September 2011

End of the first weekend

If you didn't know, in Bahrain the weekends are on Friday and Saturday so this is effectively Sunday night. I'm sat watching Ash and Loaf play zombies and I'm absolutely stuffed on American Junk food. But let's go back a few days:

Thursday: Hmmm, what did I do 3 days ago?! Hit the onsite gym for a bit which was a bit limited, but as it's an on site gym I can't really complain! There was a blind guy there using the running and cycling machines (not at the same time I might add!) and it was quite humbling to see him going about his day, un assisted, just using his cane to get about. Pretty impressive considering he has to walk past the swimming pool to get to the gym. Oh yeah, there's a swimming pool too! Took some underater vids on my camera which is always a giggle (cheers dad!) and basically just killed some time before Ash got home. He managed to get a half day so we went to the driving range to smash some golf balls FOC (ash works for a booze supplier so gets all sorts of cool perks). Then the two of us headed to a traditional resteraunt and I had Iranian Kebaab which was lush. That evening we went off to the rugby club to watch Ash and Loaf's team play an 11 a side match against the marine team. They were some pretty big lads (being marines and all) but they seemed to be more skillfull. They lost 4-3 and it was a bloody close game to watch for the nuetral. After that we all got tanked up at the club and I busted some shapes with some of the ex-pat who were all really friendly. Tear gas was being let off like 2 miles away and it was still stinging everyones eyes so we went inside. It was a few of the ex-pat's birthdays so they had a fancy dress theme of song titles and there were some pretty good efforts, notably by the dick in a box guys (see my facebook photos for more).

Friday: Bit of a hangover so Debz and I headed to the mall to get some comfort food. Had a nice little Al a Haag mixed grill to get some more 'culture' and bought some speakers for my i-pod. That evening we had an 80's film night at Ash's gaff accompanied by a pretty damn good chillie that he cooked. Is it me or am I talking about food too much on this?! Had a few more jars and hit the hay after no less than 5 films in one evening!

1) Flight of the navigator
2) The original Transformers cartoon movie (sick!)
3) Back to the future,
4) Rocky 4
5) Gremalins

Saturday: Bit of a slob day really, went to Ric's which is an american diner that do ma-ha-oh-sive portions of food. Chicken wings and onion rings did the job and we headed home. After that me and Kate (Ashley's fiance) chilled in the pool for a bit and made some pretty funny video's of me kicking the hell out the inflatable horse Ash stole from a pub one night. Showed Ash the video and he was less than impressed and threatened to do the same to tigger. Didn't realise he had such an attachment to it!

So that brings me up to date. They're now on level 25 and don't look like dyng any time soon so I might go and grab something to eat.

Hope you're all doing well, I miss you guys (already!) but I'm having a ball.


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