Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Working with Pumas

Fuck me, for the first time since my first week of travelling my blog is up to date! Granted I've cheated and just put in the main points but I'm wary that its reaching the end of my trip so people are probably bored of reading this!

So when I bought the ticket from La Paz tp Rurunbaque they told me it would take 12 hours. It took 31. Seriously. Land slide and a crashed truck carrying livestock both blocking the road. The curse of bolivia continued!

Headed to the camp and on my first day of working with the pumas I've got a meaty scar on my hand from where the big bastard accidently got his non retractable claw stuck in my palm. Pretty scary at the time but he was only playing and didn't mean to hurt me... I hope!

Went out last night with the guys from the camp and got pretty drunk. Great crowd here, I'm loving it. And its so nice to do something other than sitting on a bus or site seeing!

Right, gotta hang over to nurse.

Peace out.

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