Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The final final nail in the coffin

On the journey back to Tacerembo from the Gaucho ranch there was already a wee bit of tension between me and Kate. The plan was to hitch hike to this town in the north west of uruaguay (can't remember what it was called) and from there hitch to Argentina then go our seperate ways. We loosely planned to meet in Bolivia once I´d been to Iguazu and Paraguay but nothing was set in stone. So anyway, we got a lift from the ranch owner back to town to take money out to pay him but on the way there saw about 4 cars going the direction we needed to go so we figured hitching was going to be nion impossible. We checked into the same hostel run by that nice old man again and had a rather awkward conversation about wether we were going to get married and live in Canada or England with the guy. I guesse it was easier to just lie to him and tell him canada as we were sleeping in the same room and it was a pretty christian house (there was a copy of the bible next to our bed!). Now I needed to skype my mum to wish her a happy birthday so I borrowed Kates Ipod touch while she went back to the hostel. After a quick chat with the mother unit I spent about an hour checking out options of wether or not to go to brazil or to go to Iguazu but in the end I decided to stick with the plan Kate and I had made and I headed back to the hostel. And that's when the shit hit the fan. I walked in and I could see she was in a foul mood. I didn't realise at first, but she'd been on the wine so was a little fiesty and very moody. conversation pretty much went like this:

Kate: Can you put my ipod on charge please?
Pete: Ok, where's the charger?
Kate: Dunno
Pete: I can't find it in your bag
Kate: Well look harder
Pete: Ok, you find it then
Kate: Why do you have to be such a fucking dick all the time?!?!

And so it went on. It got more and more heated and dispite my best efforts to de escalate it she was determined to turn it into a full scale arguement. So I took a walk back to the bus station to ask about tickets to Brazil and there were busses running to the border town pretty regularly all evening. I then went for some food and a beer before going back to grab my stuff. I figured I'd make one more effort to resolve things with kate when I got into the room but she continued to hurl abuse at me so I said fuck this, I'm going and off I went to the bus station. And that was the end of that. Since then we've sent a couple of messages to each other but pretty much agreed that we weren't suited to travel together. A shame really, when I think of all the great times we shared but ultimately we were both had too big a personalitys for each other.

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